National Art Museum (Mexico City)

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National Art Museum (Museo Nacional de Arte)

National Art Museum (Museo Nacional de Arte)

This building is located in the so called "Plaza Manuel Tolza" and is a "must see" for everyone. Even if you're not a very religious oriented kind of guy. It has a permanent collection which was designed to give you a better understanding of the fine arts, specially "Sacred Arts" from colonial times up to the middle of the twenty century. This museum in fact narrates the history of Mexico in it's most important phases: Colonial times, the period after Independence from Spain and the period after the Mexican revolution through art like paintings, sculptures and history. During colonial times in the New Spain territory(as it was Mexico known) life was very different from what it is now, mostly everything was controlled by the Catholic Church: from childhood to adulthood and all the different aspects of everyday life for instance, if someone said or behaved something different than the Catholic indoctrination this was considered to be an heresy or blasphemy....

The building itself is worth taking a look at and it used to be the Palace of communication and its arquitecture style is "Eclectic". Don't miss this incredible chance if you are in the City of Palaces

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