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By GlobeWatchers | Jun 5, 2019
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Hellow there!

During our 3 month road trip we –of course- stopped at the city Page, where the beautiful Antilope Canyon is situated.

You have the choice of visiting the Lower Antilope Canyon or the Upper Antilope Canyon. We visited the Upper Antilope Canyon and let us explain how that visit was!

We booked our trip with ‘Antilope Canyon Tours’. If you want this to, you should book your visit in advance. It’s not possible to go to page, to their office, and book your trip for that day or for an other day.
The address of the office: 22 South Lake Powell BLVD in Page, Arizona. We had to arrive there 30 minutes before the departure time and after some waiting, we could go into a truck like these:

We drove for 20 minutes (even on the highway with no windows, LOL) in each direction and when we arrived it was clear for us that there were TONS OF PEOPLE IN THE CANYON. Knowing that the tickets were 65 dollars per person (everything included), we expected that we would have plenty of time and space to take our pictures.

You book your visit on a particular time and with only (maximum) 14 people in one group. So our thought was: ‘Oh, we will just be with 12/14 people in the canyon.’ Nonono, 6 other groups were in the canyon as well, so after the explanation of the Guide, we had to take pictures in 10 seconds and walk further in the Canyon or otherwise the other groups would be there.

Our Guide was very nice. She explained a lot of hidden secret in the canyon, like this bear that you can see in the stones:

She also used a flashlight in the canyon to give us cool and special effects. Next to that, she told us how to make the canyon look brighter on our phones by using some particular photo filters.

It was amazing to see the canyon and to discover so many beautiful places, hidden secret and to know how Mother Nature created all of this. The Guide made the visit very interesting. The down side of the visit are the people. Because there are so many tours, you stop at one point in the canyon, get the explanation and you’ll have 5 minutes to take pictures (everyone, not only you). So you pay enough to see the incredible canyon, but you can’t really take enough shots (or at least not the shots you want).

If you try really hard, miss some of the explanation of the guide and (sometimes) stay a little longer in position to get the perfect shot –even if that means that other people should wait even more-, than you’ll have the shot you want.

We did too!

Thanks for reading and see you in the next tip!


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