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By MarkAndChucksAdventures | Aug 5, 2019
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“No one has ever become poor by giving” is an incredible quote by Anne Frank, and travel is the perfect opportunity to give back.

In giving back when you are traveling, you can have a fantastic local experience that most other people will miss.

When planning our vacations, we both look for excursions and tours that benefit local communities or are offered by a non-profit organization.

Exploring Kenya

The past June we traveled to Kenya as part of a tour group with Gate 1 Travel. A considerable portion of our tour supported national parks and conservation. It also assisted other local communities, but we decided to take it a few steps farther.

Big Babies

One of our excursions was to the Daphne Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage part of the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

We had the opportunity to visit with orphaned baby elephants, rescued from all over Africa that were brought there for rehabilitation.

In advance of our visit, we decided that for just $50.00 a year, we could adopt a baby elephant and be a small part in providing for their care. {Two year’s adoption was one of Chuck’s birthday presents}

While our tour schedule only allowed for one of the afternoon visits during feeding time, as “adoptive parents,” we could have attended a special evening viewing in addition to the other perks of adoption.

Supporting Single Moms

Another stop on our tour was a visit to the Kazuri Bead Factory. Single mothers manufacturer awesome handcrafted ceramic beaded jewelry and pottery. What started with just two single mothers now employs over 340 women.

Amazingly affordable necklaces and bracelets make lovely gifts and support a local a vibrant local community.

Dream Of A Lifetime

Chuck is obsessed with the Masai people, probably since childhood. We searched for a way to give back and came across One Horizon, an organization that supports local Kenyan communities.

They offer tours to spend the day with local Masai families, or an opportunity to spend the day with local grandmothers starting farms to support their families.

We spent the day with Daniel, his wife Rispa, and their son Emmanuel. We visited their property and learned about Masai herding, their day to day life, their larger family, and tribal groupings and how they live off the land.

Masai people

Masai people

It was indeed a once in a lifetime experience. The family’s openness to share their life with us was impressive. They were extremely happy, despite what seems to be a meager existence to the outside world.

We were also able to purchase some of the local beadwork that Rispa produced. Later on our journey, we found that our purchase was far more reasonable than local markets and resorts.

Getting Back

Giving back helped grow and support small local communities. What we got back were incredible experiences that others might have missed and the opportunity to meet amazing people.

Look for local travel experiences that support local non-profits. You will be glad you did.

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