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By japon1minuto | Apr 4, 2019
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Third and for the moment, last post dedicated to Tokyo and its main places, to visit.
We will try to develop each place, in more specific posts in the future.

Zōjō-ji 三 縁 山 上 寺

It is located in the neighborhood of Minato. The Shiba park is built around the temple, with the Tokyo Tower next door. In 2015, a Treasure Gallery was inaugurated at the underground level of the Daiden.
Its gardens house a very curious unborn children's cemetery, full of hundreds of figures with a cloth cap and flowers and paper vanes.

Ameya-Yokochō アメヤ横丁

It is an open-air market in Tokyo's Taito neighborhood, it is located between the stations of Ueno and Okachimachi following the Yamanote line, a large part of the stores are located under the bridges of this line.
The market is home to over one hundred and eighty one stores, which sell products ranging from fresh food and fish, to clothing.
Its name means alley of candy stores, and there are still some

Rikugi-en gardens 六 義

Rikugi-en means Garden of the Six Principles of Poetry, consists of a small pond, surrounded by trees and a hill. The traditional Japanese garden within the park is a tourist attraction.
On some days of autumn and spring, it also opens at night with spectacular lighting, which makes it different from other parks, which for the rest is neither the most beautiful nor the largest.

Takeshita 竹下通り

It is the main street of Harajuku, where the most Kawaii of all Japan meet. This street, about 400 meters high, is packed with shops aimed at young people, among which there are fashion stores and various items, creperies, photo-sticker stores (Purikura) and stores all 100 yen. It is also visited by many foreign tourists, and on weekends and during the summer holidays, it is full of people throughout the day. In the streets there are also fashionable places that generate very long queues.
Do not miss their famous crepes, if we like cotton candy, cotton candy with various colors or large spirals of chips.

Robot Restaurant

A show that mixes the extravagant, eclectic with entertainment and technology. It is a great shock for those who come from different cultures, you have to make this stop once in a lifetime! It is not tasteful but neither is it vulgar.
A spectacle of lights and color that does not leave indifferent, the most geeky and tacky you can imagine raised to the bucket, as an artistic spectacle, has hardly any value, but is something unique unimaginable anywhere else in the world.

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