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By afareaffair | Mar 14, 2019
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We’re always looking for quick road trips to fill up our occasional long weekend. Last year, we decided to visit our neighbors to the North in Toronto, Ontario. In preparation for the eight hour drive, we updated our iTunes Music libraries and downloaded a few podcasts. While Salima prefers political podcasts, Karim enjoys 90’s rap music; between the two, the trip from Chicago to Toronto took no time!


What to see

There are a number of eclectic neighborhoods in Toronto, each with its own unique vibe. While parts of the city are easily walk-able, we recommend renting a car to get around. Having a car was super convenient on our trip and street parking costs weren’t too terrible – sometimes even free! Here are some places you HAVE to visit if you have 48 hours in the city…because if you didn’t, did you even visit Toronto?
Distillery District: A quaint part of town that transports you back to Europe. It’s hip, cool and has a number of small shops to check out! This chocolate-maker was our favorite!
St. Lawrence Market: Your typical farmers market; worth the visit!
Aga Khan Museum: The only museum, in all of North America, dedicated to Islamic History and Artifacts!
Street Art: The art is dotted everywhere; but a concentrated display is on Rush Lane
Niagara Falls: In case you’re looking for something super touristy! (We took a pass)

Where to eat

We LOVED eating our way through Toronto! The food is just as diverse as the population that makes up the city and we were LIVING for it! Our favorites:
People’s Eatery: A range of dishes from a range of cultures! This deserves a Michelin Star!
Pai: The HOTTEST Thai Food Spot in the city! We waited 30 minutes to get seated and the food/atmosphere was worth the wait!
Café Demetres: Dessert Heaven! No seriously! Check out their page!
Sweet Jesus: Killing the Soft Serve Game
Ravi Soup: Toronto’s Favorite Soup Kitchen – perfect if you’re visiting in Q3 or Q4

Distillery District/Around Town

Aga Khan Museum

Food Food Food

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