10 Things To Do On A Rainy Day When You Travel

By lionsdetour | Mar 14, 2020

Everything seems to be more enjoyable during long days enhanced by a sunny sky. However, it’s something we don’t really have any ability to control – the better way to deal with it is to lean in and adjust our plans accordingly. Heavy, dark clouds in the sky don’t mean that the adventure is over! There is plenty of indoor activities that were not as exciting when the weather was nice – right?

(Small note: to get me into buildings on a sunny day is a challenge)

I have put together a universal list of activities you can do with your partner or by yourself on a rainy day. Don’t let the rain take any joy off your holiday time. This is a great opportunity to make the most of indoor activities – available in most of the cities. Spoiler alert: shopping is none of them. Uff? We value experiences over buying unnecessary things and that’s why we want to show you better, more exciting ways to enjoy your day.

Go to a bookstore

Bookstores seem to be very laid back establishments that allow you to discover everything at your own pace, undisturbed. Sometimes you might get some recommendations from an enthusiastic book lover wandering between aisles. If you’re book passionate and you know the language of the country you’re currently visiting, it’s a great way to discover local writers, browse travel guides or enjoy browsing through the colorful photo books available here. And if it happens that you pick one you want to read, you can…

Go to a café

Cafés seem to have so many important roles in our lives nowadays – they can be relaxing spots to read a book (maybe the one you got in the bookshop!) and have nice drinks and teas, get some serious work done on a laptop, see friends and taste a selection of beautiful cakes and pastries. With that in mind, cafés are also perfect for having a pastime when the rain outside feels overwhelming and unbearable. You can find cafés anywhere and they usually have very welcoming staff whom you can chat with (and ask for other ideas for your trip!).

Find a local Sofar Sounds

Sofar Sounds is an amazing international series of shows, which has a goal of creating unique, intimate experiences with music artists. Each show is one of a kind and is featuring 3 artists representing different music genres. What makes it very different from any other music gig is the ability to interact with artists. Shows are happening in the afternoons on weekdays and 2-3 times a day on a weekend.

Venues vary from living rooms, rooftop terraces, churches, and libraries – the exact location of the show is revealed 24hr before the gig. Sofar made me realise how much I adore live music.

On some of the shows, where BYOB is allowed I do Bring My Own Bottle.

And I sit in the very first row, on a pillow or a bare floor, just because everyone is super positive and you can feel the passion of the artists and how they are expressing themselves through their melodies.

See more on their website here.

A great way to make a few hours pass very quickly! Art galleries are filled with classic paintings and sculptures, but very often feature great local artists on temporary exhibitions. There are many more interactive experiences recently. You will be able to pick from immersion in a VR world, craft classes – everything depends on a gallery – check what is happening once you’re there.

All events are running only for a few months or even days. If that sounds exciting to you – you should take this unique opportunity to try something new and different.

See the museum

Museums seem to be a staple on every travel itinerary – so why not explore them when the weather outside is not the best? Museums are a great way to stay entertained indoors while being able to discover pieces of art. Not to mention you can learn more about a history of the country, city, area or a specific artist which has been recognized with its own space.

Go to a gym

Get your heart pumping in a local gym – even better if you have a regular routine and want to keep it going even when you’re on holiday. Is anyone else struggling with staying active? (apart from walking when you explore a new location!) – putting some time aside on those rainy days will feel great and engage your thoughts in a different way. It doesn’t have to be a crazy workout which will leave you all tired and achy. Surely a great idea if you overdosed on ice-cream a bit.

Take a cooking class

If you enjoy the local cuisine of the place you are staying – why not learn new recipes in a professional class? This might expose you to a new way of preparing ingredients and add a layer of depth to your cooking. This kind of class is very interactive and almost always ends with a meal – you might make some friends who like the same thing as you do – at least if we talk adventures in flavours and quality ingredients. A self-prepared meal from scratch will be a very delicious idea for the afternoon. Sometimes those classes are held beside food markets or back rooms of the restaurants – truly unique experience.

Wine or beer tasting

Do you know any bar around with a selection of different alcoholic drinks? A nice tasting accompanied by a charcuterie board, a little bit of company and the hours’ will fly. Get a seat by the window to enjoy the view of a soaking city.

Take a bus or a tram ride

Using public transport is such a great way to get to know more about the city and its natural pace. You can use Google Maps to determine which bus or tram will cover the areas you’re particularly interested in. Also, that might be a great way to get a better understanding of a city’s layout. It’s much cheaper than taxis or tourist-focused sightseeing tours, with only a little bit more of an effort to find out how it works.

Plus, you get to spend some time with people who can call this place their home and if you get lost, you can always ask for directions or any other help. Polishing your language skills at the same time.

Or just… Embrace it!

Some say it’s all about attitude. You can gear up your waterproof game and head to the city like you usually would. The best fact about this will be that you may have most of the outdoor attractions for yourself – as everyone else is staying inside…

There is always sunshine after rain, but you can make the most of your travel regardless of the weather. Stay positive and don’t let such a minor inconvenience get in a way of having great fun, wherever you are.

Great resources to find local experiences:

Rain Weather Things to do

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