Amalfi Coast

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    May 17, 2020• by CasaGarganoRavello

    Passionate Love Stories Inspired by The Amalfi Coast

    Ancient stories and legends nestle among the breathtaking rocks overlooking Amalfi. One of the most famous concerns the Torre dello Ziro, the cylindrical fortification built in 1480 by the Duke of...

    Apr 11, 2020• by CasaGarganoRavello

    A Hidden Treasure, Castiglione Beach on The Amalfi Coast, Italy

    Ravello is one of the many gems of the Amalfi Coast. At 350 meters above sea level, in its splendid villas, Ravello has been attracting for centuries writers, artists, musicians. Strange to say for a...

    Mar 13, 2020• by lionsdetour

    Experiences Of A Lifetime In Italy

    Picture me – as a young, enthusiastic nerdy kid growing up in 90’s London, I am fascinated with technology and discovering new things. I was always keen to experience more whatever it was. I...

    Apr 13, 2019• by CasaGarganoRavello

    Sweetness of the Amalfi Coast: the sfogliatella Santa Rosa

    The coast of Amalfi is known throughout the world for its sea, the wonderful views and the small villages perched on the rocks from Vietri to Positano. A magnificent landscape which recently become...

    Mar 28, 2019• by Living_Culture_Travel

    Top Things to Do in The Amalfi Coast - A Practical Guide

    If you plan a trip to Italy, you should definitely pay a visit to the legendarily beautiful Amalfi Coast. In this guide, I have collected some practical travel tips to help you to make the most out...

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