Sweetness of the Amalfi Coast: the sfogliatella Santa Rosa

The coast of Amalfi is known throughout the world for its sea, the wonderful views and the small villages perched on the rocks from Vietri to Positano. A magnificent landscape which recently become an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Although the Amalfi Coast is beautiful at any time of year, we would nevertheless advise you to discover it on foot, through the footpaths that run halfway up the road, to enjoy the breathtaking views from above and escape the traffic of cars which are often blocked for hours on the only (and narrow!) road connecting all the Coastal towns

To get to know it, what about discovering its sweeter side? Then let's start with his most famous pastry, the sfogliatella Santa Rosa, a crunchy baked dough filled with semolina, ricotta, dried fruit, eggs. The famous pastry was created by the nuns of the Santa Rosa Convent in Conca dei Marini, in the early 1700s. Apparently, one of them was cooking some semolina in milk, when she had the idea to fill with it some puff pastry dough (shaped as a nun's hood!) and bake it. You can savour the sfogliatella Santa Rosa in all the patisseries from Amalfi to Naples, together with the delicious pastiera, the most typical Easter cake of which we will write next time. Stay tuned!

Sfogliatella Santa Rosa Source: https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sfogliatella

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I was born in Ravello, on the wonderful Amalfi Coast. I love books, travel, and travel books. Actually, I also write them!

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