A Hidden Treasure, Castiglione Beach on The Amalfi Coast, Italy

By CasaGarganoRavello | Apr 11, 2020
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Ravello is one of the many gems of the Amalfi Coast. At 350 meters above sea level, in its splendid villas, Ravello has been attracting for centuries writers, artists, musicians. Strange to say for a town which is 5 km from the sea, Ravello also has one of the most beautiful beaches of the Amalfi Coast. It is the beach of Castiglione, 3 km from Amalfi, a splendid inlet dug over one hundred and fifty years ago, when the rocky cliffs on which the peaceful village of Castiglione stands were carved to obtain the building materials for the road that was to connect Vietri sul Mare to Amalfi, which today is the worldwide famous Amalfitana Road, which in its 20 km offers extraordinary views after each of its breathtaking curves.

Castiglione beach is reached by means of a stairway of some 160 steps. While swimming in its almost always crystal clear waters, you can enjoy the view of the cozy village of Atrani and its bell tower of the Church of Santa Maria Maddalena.

The large inlet where the beach nestles was a resting place for the migratory journeys of quails.

Castiglione Beach

Castiglione Beach

Even today, birds find refuge among its steep rocks dotted with luxuriant Mediterranean vegetation.

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