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    Aug 13, 2019• by thetoorister

    The Best Way to Pack for a Trip to Europe

    For any trip to Europe, I’d HIGHLY recommend you invest in a good travel backpack. Steer clear of rolling suitcases or trolley bags! A travel backpack will drastically simplify luggage...

    Aug 12, 2019• by not_all_hippies

    Top 10: First things to go in my bag!

    When I began packing to go away I honestly believed that I would need absolutely everything I own! It wasn't until I actually started travelling that I realised actually I really didn't need half of...

    Dec 8, 2018• by That_Broke_Traveller

    Choose the right backpack for your Himalayan Trek

    Backpacks are the most important requirement when you go trekking, especially for a terrain like that of the Himalayas. Choosing the right backpack therefore becomes essential in this case. ...

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    Sugarloaf Mountaineering Trail

    From $60 / person
    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    5 hours

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