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    Dec 14, 2019• by thetraveldeck

    East Bali Day Trip Itinerary

    East Bali is a lesser known part of the island though undoubtedly it is still scattered with remarkable landscapes, landmarks and beaches. Through this day trip you will get to experience...

    Dec 8, 2019• by voyageandsoul

    How to Get Around Bali Island

    The ultimate getaway starts when your plane touches down at the Denpasar International Airport (DPS). At that moment you will officially be in Bali and ready for the adventure to begin. Spending your...

    Dec 6, 2019• by voyageandsoul

    What to Know Before Traveling to Bali

    Are you planning a trip to Bali? Congrats guys and gals, you are packing your bags for one of the most beautiful and relaxed places on this planet. This destination is no secret to the travel...

    Dec 6, 2019• by thetraveldeck

    Bali Wasn't What We Expected

    After 6 months travelling around South East Asia, we finally decided to take a flight over to Indonesia's most popular island, Bali. One thing which kept coming to mind was, “but is Bali...

    Nov 30, 2019• by thetraveldeck

    5 Great Bali Travel Tips

    These are our 5 best Bali travel tips from our 4 months traveling through Bali and its neighboring islands. We got a Telkomsel Simpati SIM Card and the best internet package we had is 'Kuota...

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