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    Aug 27, 2020• by ChampacaBhutan

    Eating in Bhutan, Bhutan's National Dish: Ema Daatse

    Visitors to Bhutan need not learn any Dzongkha, the national language as English is the language of instruction in schools and all Bhutanese are fluent, making communication easy. But there are...

    May 19, 2019• by Bhutan_Sky_Trails

    Off the beaten trails in Bhutan

    There are numerous hikes all over Bhutan, ranging from short one hour walks to a strenuous hike for a whole day. To explore the beauty of Bhutan is to hike through the beautiful villages, rice...

    May 17, 2019• by Bhutan_Sky_Trails

    Bhutan Travel Tips

    Bhutan time is 6 hours ahead of Universal Time and there is only one time zone throughout the country. Bhutan is 12 hours ahead of Pacific Standard Time and 11 hours ahead of Pacific Daylight...

    May 17, 2019• by Bhutan_Sky_Trails

    An introduction to Bhutan

    The Kingdom of Bhutan is a country nestled in the Eastern Himalayas. In Dzongkha, the national language of the Kingdom, the country is known as Druk Yul “Land of the Thunder Dragon”, and its...

    Apr 10, 2019• by Discovering_Happiness

    Bhutan, a living culture

    Bhutan is a landlocked county with a population of nearly 700,000 and we have 20 districts from west to east. Bhutan is covered with a forest on almost 72% of the territory, which we are carefully...

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