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    Aug 16, 2019• by PokerPilgrim

    Montreal in the Winter: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    Montreal is one of the most complex cities we have ever visited. It is culturally rich, steeped in history, and ground zero for French-English bi-culturalism. It is also an industrial port, forged by...

    Aug 3, 2019• by PokerPilgrim

    How to Spend Four Fabulous Days in Chicago

    Recently, my daughter and I visited the city of Chicago in celebration of her high school graduation. While I had been to the city of Chicago twice before, both were very brief trips. I have always...

    Jul 24, 2019• by PokerPilgrim

    How To Spend a Fabulous Day in Toronto

    Spending a single day in a major city is the speed dating of travel. What can you report other than the city is "kind of attractive, and seems to have a decent personality"? However, after our day in...

    Mar 20, 2019• by FloridaFamilyFunTravel

    Medieval Times - A fun, magical experience

    Travel back in time to a forgotten age from centuries long ago filled with magic, royalty, knights and their noble steeds at Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament in Orlando, Florida! Based upon...

    Feb 12, 2019• by Spiritual_Travels

    Eat at a local, not touristy night market in Taipei

    Taipei is internationally renowned for its night markets. Some of the country's best food can be enjoyed on the streets, and greater Taipei alone has more than 30 major night markets and countless...

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