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      Nov 4, 2021• by irenepaolinelli

      A Walk Through History and Nature Along the Opale Coast

      Between the Manica Channel and the North Sea lies the Opale Regional Natural Park, the so-called Opal Coast. A bucolic landscape to discover, nearby the city of Calais! This protected area...

      Aug 26, 2021• by SuitcaseTravelBlog

      Best Crepes and Onion Soup in Paris

      I was so enthusiastic when I started this post and got very upset during the writing and researching process. I wanted to share with you, my dear travelers, good restaurants in Paris and I...

      Feb 1, 2021• by thelittletravelbean

      A 3 Day Trip to Le Mont-Saint-Michel

      At the age of 19, I decided to embark on my own journey overseas, after having graduated from high school that same year. See, having lived in five different countries over my lifetime so far...

      Mar 31, 2020• by wasatch

      How to Eat in Europe: the Basics

      1] EU beef is different from American beef. Its free range, not grain fed, and comes from different breeds of cattle than those we eat. That makes beef taste different and gives it a tougher...

      Jan 21, 2020• by jessyaroundtheworld27

      Why I am in love with Paris

      Paris is the most beautiful city I have seen so far in Europe, and although it is difficult to explain it in words, because certain things you have to live and feel them, I will try to explain all...

      Apr 3, 2019• by Mudita

      How to eat vegan or vegetarian when travelling in France

      Less that 3% of the french population is vegetarian, and probably around 0.5% is vegan. The traditional french cuisine is mainly cooked with meat, fishes, eggs and dairies. When you are...

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      Charming B&B in Loire Valley between Gien and Briare

      $81 - $109 / 2 
      Saint Brisson sur Loire, France
      Bed and breakfast

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      A Parisian Day

      From $40 - $150 / person
      Paris, France
      5 hours

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