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      Aug 26, 2021• by SuitcaseTravelBlog

      Best Crepes and Onion Soup in Paris

      I was so enthusiastic when I started this post and got very upset during the writing and researching process. I wanted to share with you, my dear travelers, good restaurants in Paris and I...

      Feb 1, 2021• by thelittletravelbean

      A 3 Day Trip to Le Mont-Saint-Michel

      At the age of 19, I decided to embark on my own journey overseas, after having graduated from high school that same year. See, having lived in five different countries over my lifetime so far...

      Mar 31, 2020• by wasatch

      How to Eat in Europe: the Basics

      1] EU beef is different from American beef. Its free range, not grain fed, and comes from different breeds of cattle than those we eat. That makes beef taste different and gives it a tougher...

      Oct 2, 2019• by nealrover

      Le Reminet, Le Fork and how to grab a bargain lunch

      A friend at work always cut out vouchers and searched for internet offers and she never paid full price, in fact I think she got paid to take things of their hands sometimes. I always had an...

      Apr 2, 2019• by nealrover

      Memories are made in Paris - Le Hide Restaurant

      Tonight’s meal had been booked just down the street from the hotel at a restaurant that comes highly recommended – Le Hide. This is the restaurant that I described at the outset and the...

      Feb 18, 2019• by nealrover

      Le Fournil Restaurant Bonnieux Provence - A Good Life

      Le Fournil is one of our very favourite restaurants and we have been coming here for many years. It is to be found in Place Carnot, a very small square in Bonnieux blessed with an outside terrace...

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      Charming B&B in Loire Valley between Gien and Briare

      $81 - $109 / 2 
      Saint Brisson sur Loire, France
      Bed and breakfast

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