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      Oct 27, 2020• by Nilz

      Unforgettable Tour to Italy

      I had been dreaming of travelling to Europe since a very long time and ultimately I couldn't resist when I saw a Kuwait Airlines airfare for less than INR30K return!! So, the catch is to plan in...

      Aug 14, 2021• by SoletoTravel

      Wine Tourism in Italy

      Wine tourism in Italy is constantly growing, which makes this sector one of the Top activities in Italy. The possibility of being outdoors, visiting wineries and vineyards, tasting local...

      Apr 4, 2021• by TripFiction

      5 Great Novels set in Venice

      Have you ever thought about researching your next trip to Venice by diving into a novel? Of revisiting a trip you have made through the eyes of an author (especially now when we can't travel)? Here...

      Dec 15, 2020• by TasTravel

      Romance in Venice, 8 Reasons Why You Should Take Your Beloved to Venice

      AH, 2020 how many things have it ruined? How many events cancelled? How many things that we couldn't do… 34 days and we are welcoming 2021 hoping that everything will be better, and life will...

      Sep 23, 2020• by traveladdicts

      Venice Best Kept Secret.... a €2.00 Gondola Ride!

      If you visit Venice for the first time, a gondola ride is probably on the top of your bucket list. The biggest problem is that a regular gondola ride can cost you up to €100.00! Yes, that much...

      Aug 20, 2019• by asinglewomantraveling

      What to Expect as a Solo Female in Italy

      Italy has a lot to offer... wine, food, and the promise of romance. What happen's if you have no one to go with? So you skip it? Hell no! Going alone can be the best thing you ever did! Who...

      Where to stay

      A B&B in The Venetian Countryside

      $95 - $170 / 2 
      Zero Branco, Italy
      Bed and breakfast

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      What to do

      Historical Tour with a Taste of traditional Cuisine

      From $50 - $80 / person
      Cape Town, South Africa
      4 hours

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