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      Sep 6, 2022• by Luis_Herrera

      Enjoy an Exciting Rock Climbing Experience in Bulder Havana, Cuba

      Cuba not only offers beautiful beaches and a rich culture and history, it also has an exuberant nature full of plant and animal life that is an ideal setting for climbing. There are other...

      Apr 30, 2022• by Luis_Herrera

      The Barbaran “Pepito's Bar” is the Refuge of Vampires in Havana

      Barbaram Club "Pepito's Bar" is located on avenue 26, in Nuevo Vedado, infront of the Havana Zoo Garden. The Barbaram' s club has existed since the fifties of the 20th century, its name Is...

      Mar 14, 2021• by Luis_Herrera

      The Revolution Square, One of The Most Instagrammable Places in Havana

      The José Martí Memorial is the largest monument built to the memory of the National Hero of Cuba, José Martí. Inside its base, a museum was created, it contains the history of this figure...

      Feb 24, 2020• by Jetlagged_Roamer

      8-Things You Must Do In Havana

      Fancy a trip to Havana? Ninety miles from the tip of Florida you can find this colorful capital of Cuba. This tiny island nation is located in the Caribbean. This makes Havana deserving of your...

      Feb 22, 2020• by janelhaswings

      6 Things to Do in Havana

      Havana seems to be on the tip of every traveler’s tongue these days and with good reason. Havana is a place that ignites warmth within the coldest of hearts as it is one of the sexiest cities you...

      Nov 27, 2019• by Luis_Herrera

      10 Places to Go at Night in Havana

      Havana has a very intense nightlife with options for all the budgets and tastes from salsa to reggaeton, cabarets, nightclubs and the casas de la música. Here we suggest some places to go at...

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