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Nov 8, 2019• by MyCubaRentals

What to do in Havana?

The main cultural center of the country, offers a wide variety of entertainment from museums, palaces, public squares, churches, fortresses, musical festivals and is host to several...

Nov 5, 2019• by MyCubaRentals

Cuban Currency and Travel Tips

In Cuba, cash is king and credit/debit cards simply won't work. There are two currencies: Cuban Peso Nacional (CUP) for locals and Cuban Convertible Peso (CUC) for foreigners. CUP...

Nov 2, 2019• by MyCubaRentals

Safety in Cuba

All you really need to consider is the occasional thief, serious crimes are almost non-existent. Violent attacks such as shootings or mass murders do not exist in Cuba and muggings and...

Nov 1, 2019• by MyCubaRentals

Transportation from Havana Airport (HAV) to Downtown Havana

Taxis are always available from the taxi ranks in front of all the terminal buildings. A taxi ride from the airport to downtown Havana takes approximately 20-30 minutes and the cost is...

Sep 27, 2019• by Luis_Herrera

Discover a Havana tradition that tells us the time

Every night, exactly at 9:00 p.m. local time, the thunderous shot of a cannon is heard in Havana, Capital of Cuba. Residents know that the 9:00 Cannon sounded and visitors wonder why. This...

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