Mar 2, 2020• by thistlesandcoos

Our Top 5 Websites To Use For Booking Accommodations

People travel to faraway places to watch, in fascination, the kind of people they ignore at home. ~Dagobert David Runes In our travels, we have stayed in a variety of places: castles, BnBs...

Nov 19, 2019• by Thecoupleinrow51

Silostay: an ecological wonder in a place of little wonders

While being on the road enjoying the Banks Peninsula we were able to make a stop and check out SiloStay in Little River. SiloStay is a very unique accommodation made out of grain silos. These...

Sep 3, 2019• by Bigaltravelcompanion

Hidden Gems in Hong Kong: Garden City (Kowloon Tong)

Garden City (Kowloon Tong) was developed by C. Montague Ede as a low density residential area accommodating English people during colonial era. In recent decades, organisations have established...

Apr 12, 2019• by loveandluggage

The best hotel in Aruba

Aruba gave us life!! This was the most romantic/relaxing trip I've been on yet. We booked our entire stay through cheapcarribean for our 3rd year anniversary. We got a really good flight+hotel deal...

Mar 28, 2019• by japon1minuto

Japan's Capsule Hotels

The capsule hotels are one of the things that we can only find in Japan. They are a type of hotel that arose with the need to stay to sleep near the stations, for a few hours, before taking a train...

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