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    Apr 4, 2023• by wasatch

    Obuda, Hungary

    Today's Budapest is a union of three old cites, Buda, Pest, and Obuda. The ancient Roman city Mostly a typical Roman town ruin-- streets outlined by the mostly 3 ft high walls of the ancient...

    Mar 27, 2023• by wasatch

    Some Budapest Monuments

    For inexplicable reasons, this grandiose, cold, sterile collection of murderers is considered one of the top sights in Budapest. Its not. It is a cold, sterile collection of murderers who deserve no...

    Mar 20, 2023• by wasatch

    The Budapest Hilton, Hungary

    This is not a hotel Tip. This is a sightseeing Tip, for the Budapest Hilton has some interesting tourist quirks. First, the restaurant and bar have great views of the Hungarian Parliament Building...

    Mar 9, 2023• by traveltipzone

    Budapest Guide: The Best Things to Do in Budapest

    This list includes 15 attractions and activities to help you discover Budapest as a tourist. So here are the best places to visit and the best things to do in the Hungarian capital. Whether you...

    Aug 3, 2022• by beyondthebay

    How to Choose Between Visiting Vienna, Prague, Budapest Or Bratislava

    Solidifying any kind of travel itinerary can be difficult, especially when there are so many places seemingly worth visiting. This is most definitely the case when traveling across Central...

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