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    Sep 7, 2022• by wanderingwiththesun

    Pálvölgyi Cave – Hungary's Second-Longest Cave

    Budapest's elaborate underground cave systems may be less well known than its beautiful historic architecture, world-class wine, and relaxing thermal baths. The accidental discovery of natural...

    Aug 3, 2022• by beyondthebay

    How to Choose Between Visiting Vienna, Prague, Budapest Or Bratislava

    Solidifying any kind of travel itinerary can be difficult, especially when there are so many places seemingly worth visiting. This is most definitely the case when traveling across Central...

    Mar 23, 2021• by Techno_Mads

    The 8 Cheapest European Cities to Visit on a Budget 2021

    Europe represents a compelling blend of vibrant culture, striking landscape and rich history on the one hand and a money-guzzling beast on the other. Sadly, European city breaks are far from renowned...

    Aug 20, 2020• by thecuriousmufambi

    The Beauty of Buda and Pest

    In spite of Covid’s fear, I haven’t given up travelling this summer. I took the right precautions and I went on an adventure to discover the beauty of Buda and Pest: Budapest. It’s been 8...

    Jul 10, 2020• by ExperienceEurope

    All You Need to Know About Balaton

    Balaton, the so-called Hungarian sea is the biggest lake in Central Europe (592 square km). Its climate, shallow water and infrastructure allure mostly family with kids and cyclists. It’s...

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