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By wasatch | Mar 27, 2023
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Hero's Square

For inexplicable reasons, this grandiose, cold, sterile collection of murderers is considered one of the top sights in Budapest. Its not. It is a cold, sterile collection of murderers who deserve no recognition, let alone a monument. On the other hand, there some really remarkable monuments to victims of the Hero's Square mindset, the memorial to Imre Nagy, murdered by Russian-- no surprise there-- in that 1960s, and the Shoe Memorial to Hungarian Jews murdered by the Nazis, who were almost as evil as Russians. .

The Shoes of Jews

On the river bank at the Capital Building. Like Putin's Russia, the Nazis were more than murdering war criminal thugs. The Nazis and Putin were also accomplished thieves (see the book or movie "the Monuments Men"). The Nazis took Jews down to the river bank and give them the choice of jumping into the river or of standing there and being shot and then falling into the river, but first, the Jews had to take off their shoes and leave them on the river bank for the Nazis to steal because the 'master race' couldn't keep its people in shoes.

Imre Nagy Memorial

Inland side of the Capital Building in a small grove of trees. Prime Minister Nagy was a reform minded Communist, so the Russians murdered him.

The garbage pile of Soviet era statues.

Following the disintegration of the Soviet Union, Budapest rounded up all the Soviet era statuary in Budapest or maybe in the country. and dumped the lot of them in a garbage pit on the edge of town. Post Soviet Budapest grew and came to surround the Soviet monuments garbage pile and now its a tourist attraction.

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