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    Aug 14, 2019• by AdventuresInFluency

    Take a Water Taxi to Animas, Mexico

    Animas is owned by the indigenous people native to Mexico who still speak the Nahuatl tongue. This language is the ancient tongue that also gave Teocaltiche its name meaning, The Place Near the...

    Apr 5, 2019• by Free_Walking_Tour_Mexico

    Guadalajara, the city of roses

    Guadalajara is an amalgamation of cultures and people, a city with Spanish architecture, Mexican traditions and even an Arab name. Today consider one of the most beautiful places in Mexico sadly...

    Mar 24, 2019• by Free_Walking_Tour_Mexico

    Tequila, a drink, a city, a lifestyle

    Tequila is more than just a drink, is the name of the beautiful city where it was invented and that now has the rights to it´s name, so only Tequila and it´s surroundings can actually produce...

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