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Dec 3, 2018• by Let_Me_Go_There_Vacations

16 of the Most Useful Travel Tips – Travel More & Spend Less

Even while the economic crisis was slowly creeping into our pockets, it remained clear that one of the things we are not willing to do is stop traveling. We instead explored all new destinations and...

Nov 26, 2018• by Bigaltravelcompanion

Octopus Card in Hong Kong

Octopus Card is everywhere in Hong Kong. Literally, every single local can tell you what it is and it may sound familiar to some tourists. Let me tell you a bit story about this little card and how...

Nov 9, 2018• by Bigaltravelcompanion

Taking a minibus in Hong Kong

There is a world difference between Green Minibus and Red Minibus in Hong Kong. Some tourist may not know the difference. Green Minibus accept payments by cash or Octopus Card, whereas Red Minibus...

Jun 10, 2018• by YouKanRok

How to pay for your stay in Iran

As you may know, Iran has been subject to several embargo's over the past years. As a result, banking relationships between the country and the rest of the world are non-existent. What does it...

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