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      Mar 14, 2019• by Chullitos_Viajes_and_Travel

      Entrance tickets to Machu Picchu, which one to buy?

      Machu Picchu, the wonder of the World has different types of Entrance tickets that fit the needs and preferences of the visitors. Here's what are the types of entrance tickets for Machu...

      Oct 30, 2021• by DimosVosinakis

      Walking in Peru, March 2019

      Our flight from Santiago to Lima was scheduled for the sunrise (1/3/2019) and this was a good opportunity for a short nap. We arrived quite early in the morning at the airport of the Peruvian...

      Jun 19, 2021• by Sven_Alf

      My Trip to Peru

      Once you travel through Peru, you have to visit Huacachina, a little Oasis 🏝 at the border of the desert near Ica. There are many different activities you can choose due to stay there over night...

      May 25, 2021• by Travel_tips_secret_places

      How to Reach One of the Bluest Lagoon in the World?

      🇵🇪 #laguna69 in #peru is a magic place that will take your breath away with its turquoise waters and with an altitude at 4550 meters. This was one of my favourite hikes and this should...

      Feb 19, 2021• by journey_junkies

      Ten Unmissable Things to Do in Peru

      Our most recent trip to South America was last year, when we finally made it to Colombia. Indeed, it's been a while since we were in Peru, but it's a country that impressed us deeply. For a start, it...

      Jun 29, 2020• by WanderSonder

      Two Weeks Backpacking Peru! From Lima to Cusco

      In May 2019, my two friends and I traveled to Peru for two weeks. Our route for our time there began in Lima and moved in a U-shape to Cusco, stopping at locations including Paracas, Huacachina...

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      Tour to Machu Picchu and Rainbow Mountain

      From $719.99 - $824.99 / person
      Cusco, Peru
      5 days

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      Tour to Machu Picchu full day

      From $340 / person
      Poroy, Peru
      15 hours

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