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Jan 14, 2020• by LetsGoSlovenia

Top 5 Winter Destinations in Slovenia

Slovenia is a perfect destination to explore in the winter. You can visit many winter sports destinations just to admire the views or for easier walks. Or simply to relax in the quiet, natural...

Aug 17, 2019• by LetsGoSlovenia

Hiking Through the Tolmin Gorge in Slovenia's Soča Valley

On a hot summer day we visited the lowest point of the Slovenia's Soča Valley - the Tolmin Gorge. It's a an easy hour long hike from the town of Tolmin in northwestern Slovenia. The Soča...

Aug 11, 2019• by LetsGoSlovenia

A Quick List of Ljubljana's Must See Buildings

Visiting Ljubljana? Like in any other place, it’s good to know what you’re looking at! The Vurnik House, or the Cooperative Business Bank building, is Ljubljana's most colorful house and a...

Aug 9, 2019• by LetsGoSlovenia

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Coming to Slovenia

Are you thinking of visiting Slovenia for the first time? Yet, still after reading many articles about this beautiful country you are not sure what to expect? We came up with five crucial mistakes...

Mar 14, 2019• by Ryder_Walker_Alpine_Adventures

The Top Five Reasons to Visit the Julian Alps

The Julian Alps are a truly undiscovered treasure. Nestled at the eastern extreme of the Alps, the Julian Alps are known for their rugged wilderness and striking granite peaks. While the Julian Alps...

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Where to stay

Nebesa Chalets

$298 - $422 / 2 
Kobarid, Slovenia

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What to do

Karst & Coast tour - small group from Ljubljana

From $60 - $67 / person
Ljubljana, Slovenia
10 hours

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Bled Fairytale half day tour

From $53 / person
Ljubljana, Slovenia
5 hours

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From Zagreb: Ljubljana and Lake Bled Tour

From $96.52 / person
Zagreb, Croatia
12 hours

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Lake Bled and Postojna cave in a day full day tour

From $127 / person
Ljubljana, Slovenia
10 hours

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