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    Jun 10, 2020• by sophmuchgoes

    Snorkeling 3 of Florida's Freshwater Springs

    Just beyond the University of Florida’s bustling 88 thousand seat football stadium lies hundreds of tranquil, crystal-clear-blue freshwater springs still isolated from UF’s uproar. The...

    Dec 24, 2019• by Thecoupleinrow51

    An Ethical Wildlife Experience: Swimming with Whale Sharks in Australia

    Experiencing wildlife in its true nature and form is something that can be the most amazing and unique experience for travellers all over the world. However, often we find that animals are...

    Nov 13, 2019• by Luis_Herrera

    Saturn Cave, one of natural wonders of Cuba

    The Saturn Cave also known as the Cave of the Cepero, is located at the turnoff of the road that leads to Varadero Airport, very close to Carbonera's town This cave's not as well known as those...

    Sep 27, 2018• by irisperience

    Visiting Dubrovnik, Croatia (Game of Thrones) 2018

    Purchased a ticket online for my Atlas Croatia shuttle bus (official transportation from airport to City centre) Atlas shuttle bus waits just right outside the airport Stops at Pile Gate and...

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