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    Jun 19, 2021• by Debota

    How to Reach Santiniketan from Kolkata?

    Santiniketan can't be reached directly through airways as a result of a lack of air connectivity. You've got to depend upon Kolkata's international airport if you're travelling via airplane...

    Mar 28, 2021• by theadventuretravelr

    My First Adventurous Trip - Part II

    This is the 2nd and the final part of my adventurous trip to Ajodhya Hills in West Bengal (If you have not read the first part, please read it first, link below). It was quite nice to bring back all...

    Dec 15, 2020• by theadventuretravelr

    My First Adventurous Trip (part I)

    This is just half part of my first trip. As this blog post was getting longer, I decided to publish this blog in two parts. Moreover, forgive me for my poor English. You are most welcome for your...

    Oct 14, 2020• by Tanyab_07

    The Indian City, Kolkata, Popularly Addressed as "The City of Joy"

    Indeed, a very long time has passed since a travel blog was added to my list. Well, the reason behind the lag is obvious. Yes, you guessed it right... The Grand Arrival of Novel Coronavirus from...

    Sep 17, 2020• by Tapas_Wanderlust

    Experiencing Calcutta: From a Cultural Sojourn to a Culinary Delight

    Never mind from where it came—there are several explanations about the etymology of the name Kôlikata (Bengali: কলিকাতা) [ˈkɔlikat̪a]. What matters is it is the name of a city...

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