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Hi, I'm Megan! I got bit by the travel bug when I was in my sophomore year of college and was taking a music class about The Beatles. We learned all about Liverpool, London, and England- and I was obsessed. I didn't take my first trip abroad until 2016, where I traveled to Oslo, Copenhagen, Paris, London, and Iceland- it was quite the trip! Ever since then, I've been hooked. I've been addicted to seeing everything this world has to offer, how people around the world live, immersing myself in different cultures- all while stretching my dollar as far as I can. Most of my travels are solo, and weekend or long-weekend trips. I live in NYC and have a typical 9-5 job, so I find myself faced with the challenge of maximizing PTO and taking advantage of long weekends off from work. It's a challenge I enjoy taking on. It's amazing how much you can squeeze into a typical weekend! Follow along with my adventures, get travel tips, packing guides, and more on

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