A Beatles Fan’s Guide to One Day in Liverpool

By meganywhere | Feb 20, 2020
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While spending one day anywhere never seems like enough time, it certainly is enough to have a Beatle-full day in Liverpool! By planning ahead a bit, it is certainly possible to hit all the iconic landmarks and live "A Day In the Life" of the Fab 4. This is the ultimate Beatles fan's guide to one day in Liverpool!

Stay at The Hard Day's Night Hotel

Golden Slumbers fill your eyes... Since I'm always trying to stretch my budget, I rarely "treat myself" to luxurious hotel stays. However, I knew that if I wanted to get the entire "Beatles" experience in Liverpool, staying here was a must. Each room is uniquely decorated and is all Beatles, all the time. Even small details like the door hanger gave you options such as "Let it Be" or "I Need You" with regards to cleaning services. The large spiral staircase that connects all the room floors is lined with large images of the Fab 4, some of which I had never seen before!

The hotel was located right downtown, and was easy to walk to many other Beatles attractions in Liverpool. To make things even sweeter, I was able to score a killer deal on my stay by booking on Priceline.

Visit The Beatles Story

The iconic Beatles museum, The Beatles Story is an absolute must-do while visiting Liverpool whether you're a fan or not! Located on the Albert Dock, it is a short walk from anywhere in Downtown Liverpool and has great views of the river and city. The museum is set up so you walk through the timeline of the Beatles, all the way from the Cavern Club to the Apple Rooftop Concert.

The museum also offers special exhibits that highlight a different part of their history. I was lucky enough to see an exhibit about their time in India, which was so exciting because it is what inspired a lot of my favorite music of theirs.

Tip: the complementary audio tour is amazing. If you're a little weary of shared headphones like I am, bring your own pair (with a jack) so you can plug in.

Go on The Magical Mystery Tour

It's waiting to take you away! On this two hour tour, they'll take you to all the highlights that you're dying to see. You'll drive down Penny Lane, get to stop by Strawberry Fields, see all their childhood houses, and more! As you ride around Liverpool, music plays and the whole bus will join in a sing-along! The tour guides are incredibly knowledgeable and you'll get lots of intel and tidbits of information.

Included with your ticket is free admission to the Cavern Club, so you can have a Beatle-full day and night.

Walk Penny Lane

In my ears and in my eyes! Included on the Magical Mystery tour is a drive down Penny Lane with a quick stop at the corner to snap a picture with the street sign. However, I would highly recommend venturing over to Penny Lane and exploring on your own! You can pop in to the Barber Shop and stroll along the roundabout where the pretty nurse sells poppies from a tray. Penny Lane is a busy street lined with shops, pubs, and restaurants. Stop into any one, grab a fish and finger pie, and take it all in.

Visit Strawberry Fields

Let me take you down... Also included with the Magical Mystery Tour is a brief stop at the gates of Strawberry Fields. When I visited, construction was taking place which took a little bit of the magic away, but still amazing nonetheless. I visited in November 2018, and in 2019 Strawberry Fields opened its gates to the public for the first time. It now has a museum, shop, and cafe for guests to enjoy. All the more reason to return!

Listen to Live Music at The Cavern Club

Located in the heart of Downtown Liverpool is the world famous Cavern Club. Where The Beatles got their start and played their earliest shows, the club is still an operating music venue that showcases local talent. No matter how many photos you've seen of the club, nothing compares to walking in and experiencing it for yourself. If you take the Magical Mystery Tour, your admission to the club is included for that day! Outside of the club, there is also a statue of a young John that you can snap some pictures with.

Snap a Photo with The Fab 4

Your chance to be the Fifth Beatle! The statues are located on the waterfront walking path across the street from the corner of Canada Blvd and Brunswick St. (click here for a pin to its exact location). A must-have snap for your Instagram, and to add to your Liverpool photo gallery. My only complaint is that Paul's hand was in his pocket, so I couldn't hold it ;)

Visit Paul McCartney's Childhood Home

Located at 20 Forthlin Road, the house is another stop that all Beatles fans must do, and can appreciate. The Magical Mystery Tour stops here, but only gives a few minutes to snap a few photos and walk the block. Tickets to go inside area available, but must be reserved ahead of time through the National Trust. Photos are not allowed inside the house, but from what I am told, everything is left as it was and it truly is like going back in time.

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