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the end of the line


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My story Hi, I'm Richard, and in 2018, I retired after 40 years in the Civil Service, the last 28 in London. During my time in London I have grown to admire the diversity of London for it’s people, architecture and open spaces. But travelling around London, I found I was only seeing the framed picture of life through a window, fleetingly in some cases on the train or tube, or when walking, hurrying to my destination trying to avoid other commuters and sight-seers. So when thinking about retirement, I thought how can I combine this experience with my childhood passion for photography? Admittedly photography is different now as in in my black and white days, the challenge was about balancing the art of timing, lighting, patience, science and having the right lens. But today's digital photography is simply ‘point and click' as the camera/phone software does all that for you. So the challenge was how to make this combination of commuting; photography and digital interesting? So... I decided to travel to every end point destination on the Transport for London (TfL) network, and once there, alight and explore the surrounding area, meeting people, taking some pics and blogging. There are 74 destination all told and I’m blogging weekly. Each blog has it's own page with associated photos, YouTube/Facebook/Instagram/Twitter updates, so if you'd like to follow me, please subscribe to my blog for weekly updates. I hope you enjoy the journey with me?

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