Mexican food is an oxymoron.

Look up some photos of “The Iron Gates”. Check some reviews of river cruises.

Turkey has, or at least had, if the fascist dictator Erdogan has not messed that up along with everything else, the best local guides for tourists in the world. A professional tourist guide in Turkey had to graduate from the official travel guide school and be licensed as a guide by the state, and these guys are the best. Their depth of knowledge is encyclopedic, and they are, it some ways, disturbingly driven to pump the traveler full of an immense body of mostly useless info about whatever it is you are seeing. This is an a affliction common to all travel guides, the Turkey guides just know more than anybody else, and a lot of it is interesting.

Zion is also our favorite. Lucky for us, ins only 5 hrs away.

When we started traveling in the EU, a Coke cost $3 and beer $1.50 (that's inflation corrected to today's values})

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Pretending that politics has no role in travel is naive or stupid. Travel always involves politics. Go to the US Sate Department travel advice page and see what trump did to keep you from travel in Cuba or Venezuela or North Korea. You can't even travel to the EU except for one country today because of trump’s political incompetence. The EU won’t let you in, and the EU is right.

We had a nice pizza in Barcelona at Chicago Pizza.

Off beat? Try the cubist houses, The High Castle, the area around Namesti Miru, St George Cathedral, and the baroque cemetery.

We discovered chlebíčky at a bakery in Washington, DC. -- great stuff .

There is a bargain unlimited 1 or 3 day metro pass that includes buses and trams. Sold at hotel desks.

Many art experts hold that Luncheon of the Boating Party (1881), by Pierre-Auguste Renoir is the world's greatest painting. Since 1920, it has been in the Philips Gallery in Washington DC, DuPont Circle Metro stop.

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