Jan 3, 2019• by DrTripTravel

Tackling Jet Lag, Naturally: Don't Let It Take Over

Many people have to face the dreaded jet lag when travelling from one place to another, across several time zones, but wouldn't it be nice if there were a few simple and natural ways that could help...

Dec 14, 2018• by Dolphins Travel7

Ten Basic Tips for Air Travel

We all know flying can be stressful. We just wanted to give out some basic tips on how to make everything as smooth as possible, from arriving to the airport all the way to getting off your flight....

Nov 29, 2018• by salesandtonic

How to Relax and Rejuvenate on a Flight

I find myself having to fly a lot. Based on the length of the flight, and of course all of the waiting around before and after, it is very easy to feel unproductive. After all, emails build up, calls...

Nov 13, 2018• by trawickinternational

Know Your Airport!

A simple travel tip that you can take advantage of before your trip is to research the layout of your airport. Know where your next gate is during your layover to save time on the front end!...

Oct 2, 2018• by xim

Airlines asking to see your credit card at check-in

When buying plane tickets online using a credit card, keep in mind that some airlines will ask to see said credit card before checking-in at the airport. If you fail to show the card, boarding will...

Aug 18, 2018• by Elevation 2310

Reaching Shimla - The Queen of Hills

Namaste! So you're planning your Shimla trip? No worries. I hope the following tips help you with your adventure. Reaching Shimla: By Road Shimla is very well connected with New Delhi...

Jul 14, 2018• by Catriona Kendall

My Top 3 Tips For Travelling On A Budget

This blog post is going to be about how to save money while planning your next adventure.  Flights  I would say the majority of people worry about spending a lot of money on buying their...

May 24, 2018• by Shiraz Umar

Why the United MileagePlus Explorer Card is a keeper

I just recently got an email from Chase and the new benefits that will be rolled out for the MileagePlus Explorer card. Starting from June 1st, cardholders will get 2x the miles on hotel and dining...

May 16, 2018• by Antony

The pros and cons of flying fixed wing vs. helicopter

New Zealand is renowned for having one of the most dramatic and diverse landscapes of anywhere in the world. It is without question, that one of the best ways to travel and take in this grandeur, is...

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