Mar 19, 2019• by IndeBo

Socio-religious Festivals and Fairs in Kerala

In God’s own country, takes place some of the most beautiful and flowered festivals. The varied culture of the state has given expression to colourful socio-religious festivals and fairs which...

Mar 14, 2019• by IndeBo

Your horoscope can possibly dictate where you should travel

All weekly newspaper or magazine horoscopes say the same. To keep us reading the horoscope, most of the outlook for our sun-signs would be positive. To keep the article “real”, there would be...

Mar 12, 2019• by IndeBo

Indian Vacations- the family way

There is no place on earth as colourful as India. What better an opportunity than to have your kids spend their vacations at a place where they can live through a fairy tale experience. From...

Mar 5, 2019• by IndeBo

Patachitra- Dualism in Belief

In a world where religious instructions and beliefs form the lifeblood of every society’s moral ethos. They have determined the fate of many empires and decay of man in self-inflicted wars...

Mar 1, 2019• by IndeBo

A Perfect Ayurveda Therapy

An international day for Yoga for the world to celebrate may have come into the existence now, but Ayurveda and yoga were never separated from India. For years and even today, many travellers...

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Tours & activities in India

Jodhpur Heritage Walk

Jodhpur is well know for its blue house and its monuments, we organize beautiful walking tour into the heritage part of the city, Were you can have a taste of local snacks and interaction with local people..

Taj Mahal & Agra Fort Tour

Private Tour Day Trip to Agra: From Delhi Including Taj Mahal & Agra Fort, Baby Taj.