Feb 24, 2020• by dcglobejotters

Safari Guide: Making the Most of Your African Safari

No matter how many photos you’ve seen, or how many episodes of Animal Planet you have watched, the first moment you see African animals roaming and living in their natural habitat will...

Feb 6, 2020• by thebeesabroad

How to Travel with 1 Bag: The Minimalist Packing Guide

I want you to imagine going on a two-week vacation with only one small travel bag. Ahhh!! Do you think you can do it? You might be thinking, "No Freaking Way." Sure, at first glance, it does...

Jan 20, 2020• by CasaParticular

What Should I Take with Me on A Trip to Cuba?

I am going on a trip to Cuba and take with me ...? Prepare well for your trip to Cuba. Make sure you don't forget anything to bring with you because not everything is available in Cuba. Read, almost...

Jan 12, 2020• by daringsolo

Why Not to Road Trip Solo – 8 Realities to Be Adventure Aware

Let’s face it, we are inundated by social media images and postings of travel and adventure that make just about everyone’s lives look meager in comparison. Solo travel looks glamorous...

Dec 2, 2019• by MissPPan

Packing 101: How to Pack for a Lengthy Trip

We all know that packing for a trip is one of the most stressful parts of leaving - you think about what you'll need for weeks, how you're going to get it to your destination and you'll stress about...

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