Aug 13, 2019• by thetoorister

The Best Way to Pack for a Trip to Europe

For any trip to Europe, I’d HIGHLY recommend you invest in a good travel backpack. Steer clear of rolling suitcases or trolley bags! A travel backpack will drastically simplify luggage...

Aug 12, 2019• by not all hippies

Top 10: First things to go in my bag!

When I began packing to go away I honestly believed that I would need absolutely everything I own! It wasn't until I actually started travelling that I realised actually I really didn't need half of...

Aug 8, 2019• by AnxiousAndAbroad

Packing Smart! 10 Tips on How to Pack for a Trip

People often ask me how I fit 2+ months worth of gear into my small 40 Liter backpack. And I get it. With all the things you think you need to pack, it may seem like a completely impossible task...

Aug 6, 2019• by ClusterFussTravel

Lost Luggage Survival

The airplane has just landed and you turn on your phone. You aren't sure exactly what sort of messages you'll receive as you are now in another country and you are mostly certain that your phone's...

Aug 2, 2019• by KCroisant

Travel hacks for packing with ease

When it comes to traveling, one of the worst parts about it is the packing. Who knew that everyone in your family would need 15 different outfits for a 4-day vacation? Seriously, it seems that...

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