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By Kudagreats | Mar 9, 2022
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These are my top trip tips for visiting the Washington DC area.

There's so much to see, so I would start by making a list of all the amazing historic places and monuments you would like to see.

You have to find a hotel near or around the places you want to visit. We chose to stay at the embassy suites by Hilton Alexandria. It was very clean comfortable atmosphere with a wonderful breakfast free with room. Everything from orange juice to French toast to cereal. I rated it 5 stars on google maps due to the room size cleanliness of the facility and the kindness of the staff.

First we chose to visit General George Washington's home Mt. Vernon. It is rich is history form the land to the home to the graves of Washington and his family on the property.
Tip one I would stand on the porch and take In the view of the Potomac and see what General George Washington himself saw. The vastness of the Potomac itself the wind blowing and the scenery around. This really make you realize why he chose this area to live in it is just truly inspirational itself. We also got a tour of the land from the home to the blacksmiths workshop to the greenhouse and everything in between.

George Washington’s house Mt. Vernon

After this we went to Arlington National cemetery. A must see in the area. All the graves of the men and women that fought for our freedoms. Beyond those is General Lee's home. This house has been restored to almost the way it was with paintings, tables, pianos, and other relics of that time period, it is almost Erie the feeling you get standing in the home taking in all the emotions and feelings the house gives you. At the top of the hour you need to be at the tomb of the unknown soldier to witness the changing of the guard and see the dedication, determination and honor these soldiers have for the United State of American, it is truly amazing and very emotional to some. Also walk of to the tomb of the late president John F. Kennedy and see the view it's truly breathtaking, you can see so much of the city from the Lincoln Memorial to the pentagon. Next tip, look around and view all the many people that fought and or died fighting for our freedoms.

Next we went to the Lincoln Memorial. All the stairs and stone work. Some say you can see John Wilkes Booth profile at the top back of Lincoln's head it sure seems like it to me. Trip tip: make sure you have comfortable shoes. Read all the inscriptions in the monument very amazing and a true piece of art. Stand on the steps where Martin Luther King Jr. gave one of his inspirational speeches and view the Washington monument as the White House peaks out the side.

Next we saw the Jefferson Memorial. Again take in the beauty of all the art work surrounding you and lavish in all the American history around you. The statues are enormous and full of life.

After that we saw the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial. It is truly awe inspiring from the stone it is carved in to the historical speeches and quotes written all around it. Trip tip read all the quotes written in the stone truly awesome.

Dr. Martin Luther King jr.

Dr. Martin Luther King jr.

From there we walked over to Franklin D. Roosevelt's Memorial, being the only president to serve four terms he has a rather large memorial from his statue in a wheelchair to the food line in the depression to his wife Eleanor Roosevelt statue and all she contributed. Trip tip: follow through the memorial and see all the various things that happened throughout his terms in office it's pretty amazing.

Franklin D Roosevelt food line

Franklin D Roosevelt food line

Then we stopped for a bite to eat at one of the many food trucks by the capitol such a variety of cuisine to choose from hotdogs to Mediterranean food and ice cream to finish.
We then walked over to the capitol, it being closed we could not go in the building. The building itself is Huge and powerful to see the place that was horribly broken in to last January and almost destroyed, was an emotional and sovereign sight. Trip tip: walk all the way around the building and see the sides and back super interesting. From the statue of freedom at the top to the entrance at the back bottom.

We then decided to go to the World War 2 Monument, very elegantly designed with columns, pillars, wreaths all made out of stone and very nice art on the walls when you walk in you see the history and evolution of the war. Trip tip: look for Kilroy in the art.

World war 2 monument

World war 2 monument

Next we chose to view the Vietnam Memorial, the wall says it all. All the names of the men and women lost in the battle and the emotions and feelings of being an American.
We then proceeded to the Korean War monument this is very interesting in the setup it was unfinished but so awesome to see what the soldiers would've been wearing and the faces etched in the stone on the side.
We then ate dinner at Dave and Busters, relaxed and played games, it was a fun time and great atmosphere. We had to kill some time till it was dark out, Trip tip: one of the locals said the Washington monument should be seen at night. So finally it was night and we returned to the Lincoln monument to face the Washington monument, all wrapped up due to the weather, it was February when we went and there it stood all lit up in its glory shining down on the famous water Jenny ran to Forest in the movie Forest Gump.

Washington monument

Washington monument

Final trip tip here is sometimes you can't plan for everything, you must pack correctly and talk to people around you to find the best monuments and memorials to see and when to see them. Hope you enjoy joy the trip tips and the pictures.

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