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Barcelona is the second biggest city of Spain. It is the hotbed of Spanish design, culture and craftsmanship. In the event that you are a craftsmanship sweetheart, a visit to Spain, at any rate once in the course of your life is an absolute necessity. The city of Barcelona is situated on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, at the mouths of the two waterways of Llobregat and Besos. Barcelona is regularly called Barna as a quick and painless name. You can encounter a Mediterranean atmosphere type in the city. One of the notable places of interest of the world, the city is transport framework, he it streets, railroads or by means of aviation routes. The lodgings in Barcelona encourage an agreeable remain to the sightseers venturing out to the city, whatever might be their spending plan. From select to spending lodgings, Barcelona the travel industry is all around organized to invite a wide range of vacationers from the heart.

The city is a paradise for craftsmen and workmanship darlings. There are a few historical centers all through the city portraying the craftsmanship. The way of life of the absolute best ever craftsmen of the world. You may begin your visit through the city with a visit to the Picasso Museum. Above all You will get interested in the 5 monstrous royal residences of the gallery which are right around 25000 compositions of the craftsman are prized. Other than these important workmanship objects, you will likewise love to see the etchings of this extraordinary craftsman. The following path is towards the Joan Miro Foundation Museum. Here are the valuable works of art of one of the well known painters of Spain, John Miro have been saved with most extreme consideration. Try not to miss visiting the National Museum, situated in the Montjuic slope. Here you will like the assortments of Catalan craftsmanship and the workmanship of the Renaissance time frame. The models discovered here are generally made of wood and stone.

Same as the craftsmanship, you can't miss a visit to the special design of the city. There are a few lovely and extraordinary structural works of Antoni Gaudi, the most well known planner of the city. Visit the Park Guell, which is a historical center safeguarding the individual effects of Antoni Gaudi. The historical center likewise prizes a portion of the furniture invented by him. Antoni Gaudi was known for his wavy block plans among huge numbers. One of his kind thoughts and manifestations. The following visit is to the Sagrada Familia Church, which is as yet under development, however began from 1882. This congregation displays three periods of life; Nativity, Passion and Death. The twelve pinnacles of the Church speak to the twelve missionaries.

Last yet not the least, you should shop when in Barcelona. The Barcelona shopping line is 5 km, which has the most elevated brands, similar to Versace and Calvin Klein. You may likewise evaluate the clothes of the Spanish creators. Impeccably planned adornments, aromas with entrancing smell and with a lot more assortments to shop from, there is a great deal to reclaim home from the city. Appreciate the Mediterranean ocean bottom, which incorporates hot steaming rice with fish and potato stew; the staple food of local people. The inns in Barcelona give you different sorts of nearby and global cooking styles, henceforth fulfilling your taste buds without limit. Visit Barcelona to burn through one of the most noteworthy excursions of life.

Catalonia Square

Plaça Catalunya is widely considered to be the nerve centre of the city, since it has become like a meeting point for almost everybody. In Catalonia Square, do not miss the enormous quantity of pigeons, they will surprise you!

The Canaletas Fountain

The official meeting point of all Barcelona Football team supporters (Futbol Club Barcelona). Built during the 19th Century, it is probably the most famous fountain of Barcelona due to its relation to the celebration of its victories. As tradition states, if you drink water from it, you'll come back to Barcelona sooner or later!

Human Statues

Maybe one of the most meaningful and eye-catching things you can enjoy in Barcelona. Human Statues have become a symbol of the Ramblas, since there are a lot of people that try their luck by showing others their ability to stay still, just like a statue. And if you give them a coin, they will probably move!

The Boqueria Market

It's the most important and most beautiful market in Barcelona. It stands out to its modern architecture, that is based on jonic columns, metal pillars and its stained glass-windows. In The Boqueria, with its 300 stands, you'll find the most amazing things you've ever seen!

The Liceu

Built in 1845, this theatre is considered one of the most prestigious theatres in the world, especially due to its operas, which are known worldwide.

Plaza Real (Real Square)

Situated on the left hand side of The Ramblas, it has become another important meeting point of the city. The square is full of restaurants and bars, where you can sit and have a drink. The two streetlamps in the middle were designed by Antoni Gaudí.

The Erotic Museum

This museum, dedicated to eroticism, won't stop surprising you. Here you'll find curious information about the theme, illustrated with pictures, objects and drawings.

Wax Museum

The Barcelona Wax Museum is a very entertaining museum which is located almost at the end of The Ramblas. In the museum you'll find more than 300 figures of historical and famous people made out of wax.

At this point, you must have reached the end of The Ramblas and you will probably see the most original, magical and the most surprising part of the city of Barcelona.

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