Kukurizaru or hanging monkeys

The Kukurizaru (くくり猿) are the hanging monkeys of Kyoto, is a round ball-shaped talisman made of cloth, which symbolizes the monkeys in good faith, with the body of cloth of different colors and white head.
It represents a monkey with hands and feet tied to the back, a symbol of self-control and triumph over desires.

An ancient Japanese belief says that in order for a wish to be fulfilled, you must renounce another ...
Daikoku-san Kongō-ji Kōshin-dō (黒 山 寺 庚申 堂) is a small temple located in Higashiyama, Kyoto, better known as Yasaka Kōshin-dō (八 坂 庚申 堂) in the courtyard of this temple we find a lot of spherical talismans made of colored fabric, called Kukurizaru, or "hanging monkey".

The idea is that if you put your wish inside Kukurizaru, Koshin the deity of the temple will help you forget that desire and make the other come true. It is believed that Kōshin-san helps all those who struggle in their lives, with all their efforts to be good people. It is also believed that he punishes the bad guys.

It is also said that when you feel a desire is near, you should put your hands together and recite the Buddhist sutra: In deiba yakisya banta banta kakakaka sowaka. Kukurizaru and Kōshin-san will listen to you and come to help you.

It is a beautiful and curious tradition that is very popular in Kyoto and especially among young people

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