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Sep 28, 2020• by ExploreSerbia

The Beginner's Guide to Socializing and Music in Serbia

If people already know each other, they shake hands or kiss, often three times on alternate cheeks. - Zdravo - Hello - Da - Yes - Ne - no - Dobar dan - Good afernoon - Dobro veče - Good evening ...

Sep 27, 2019• by Luis_Herrera

Discover a Havana tradition that tells us the time

Every night, exactly at 9:00 p.m. local time, the thunderous shot of a cannon is heard in Havana, Capital of Cuba. Residents know that the 9:00 Cannon sounded and visitors wonder why. This...

May 20, 2019• by japon1minuto

Sadako and the thousand cranes

Since I was a child I liked to read, I suppose my father, also a regular reader, made me fall in love with reading by recommending titles. One of them was "Sadako wants to live" by Karl Bruckner. The...

May 18, 2019• by japon1minuto

Kukurizaru or hanging monkeys

The Kukurizaru (くくり猿) are the hanging monkeys of Kyoto, is a round ball-shaped talisman made of cloth, which symbolizes the monkeys in good faith, with the body of cloth of different colors...

May 2, 2019• by japon1minuto

Kodomo no Hi こどもの日, Children's Day

Surely we have all seen this type of flags in the form of tents, their name is koinobori (鯉 幟) or Satsuki-nobori (皐 幟, さ つ き の ぼ り) and are the traditional Japanese flags that are...

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