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By Theteaboutravel | Aug 24, 2020
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Seville: The city of beauty and amazing memories...

As a repeat visitor to this beautiful Spanish city I can confirm that it is a ‘must go’ destination for all adventurers out there, with its intricate Moorish architecture, exquisite cuisine and stunning scenery making it one of my favourite places.

I have stayed in both youth hostels and apartments on my multiple visits to this city and can give you an honest insight into both types of accommodation. Youth hostels- The one that i stayed in was called ‘TOC Hostel Sevilla’ and it was anything but the usual youth hostel, in fact it rather felt like a nice 4 star hotel with its options for private rooms, shared rooms or family rooms. The hostel also came with a private cinema room, a mini shop with all essentials, a library and even a restaurant serving you a traditional breakfast or an AMAZING tapas. The rooms here are simple, clean and modern with views either looking out over the cobblestone alleyway lined from hanging baskets or facing the main city street, where you can look out at the night light of this beautiful city. Overall I would definitely recommend this hotel even if you are not travelling on a budget due its prime location, room quality and of course the tapas on offer.

TOC Tapas

TOC Tapas

The apartment I stayed in was called La Casa de las Especias, but there are so many to choose from depending on what you want to get out of Seville. This Apartment was spacious, modern and just lovely. It was off of the main streets, located in a side alleyway of a small plaza – Plaza De Jesus De La Pasion. This plaza was very atmospheric, with its tapas restaurants, ice cream parlours and stunning architecture and only a couple of minutes walk from some of the city’s main attractions. I Loved staying here, it really made Seville feel like home.

Apartment bedroom

Apartment bedroom

Oh where to start when talking about things to do?? Let me start off by saying that I truly Love Spain and Seville has probably got to be in my top 5 places I have ever been. It captured a special place in my heart from the moment I first saw it and would never get bored of going back. Great food? Check. Beautiful scenery? Check. Fascinating History? Check. It has absolutely everything you could ever ask for… and more! Whether you are going to Seville to escape to the sunshine, check off another destination or to explore the physical remnants of the incredible history behind the city, you will find what you are looking for.

One of mine, and soon to be your, favourite spots of the city has got to be the palace of Seville. If you know me, you know that I adore walking about old castles, manor houses of palaces and imagining that I am a person of the past walking through the Gardens and corridors as if they were still in their prime, it really forces you to see these places in a whole new light. The Palace of Seville is made up of stunning, intricate architecture and artistry that will leave you gaping in awe and its equally exquisite, extensive royal gardens that are never a bore to explore. I love to find myself getting lost amongst the rose bushes and sculpted greenery in the Spanish sun, it is rather lovely and a fond memory to cling onto when back in the cooler climate of England. For you Game of Throne fans, it is even one of the filming locations in season 5 for the water gardens of Dorne! Now you can pretend to be inside the ultimate TV series yourself. Visiting this stunning place makes for an amazing day and you can finish it up with a delicious Tapas at TOC, a delicious (yet somehow artistic) ice cream or wonder around the city in the light of dusk to find a suitable place to eat- it will not be difficult, trust me.

Anyone going to Seville must, without a doubt, remember to look up. The architecture in Spain is absolutely phenomenal, especially in the many churches you can find. Spain, as most people know, is a devout Catholic country which means the pure artistry that can be found inside these places are just stunning, Honestly I’ll never get tired of seeing the gold etchings, huge murals and gorgeous monuments. Even walking along the city streets you will be amazed at the works of art that make up the city, seriously, your local Mercadona, one of the main Spanish supermarkets, could be in a building covered in colourful tiles and ornate carvings.

Real Alcazar de Sevilla

Real Alcazar de Sevilla

Although the city offers a multitude of ways to see the city, from horse drawn carriages, trams and segways, the best way to explore is going for a wander. The reason for this is there is something special about strolling along the riverside, a warm breeze cooling you off whilst you keep your eyes peeled for a nearby ice cream parlour, cafe or corner shop and marvelling at the beauty of your surroundings. Besides, more things are accessible when you are on foot, you might even be lucky and see a seriously cool, traditional Flamenco dance on the streets! Plus, you will want to build up your appetite for your delicious – and typically huge- Spanish dinner.

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, one of the aspects of a stereotypical Spanish adventure is seeing a Flamenco performance. I have been seeing flamenco dancers perform since I was 5 Years old but this show in Seville stood out, it was spectacular. In an underground cellar, with a free glass of wine (or soft drink in my case) 5 incredibly talented dancers told a story of passion, love and betrayal through movement, it was like nothing I had ever seen. If I can urge you to do one thing on your visit, it would be to go and appreciate the talent of these performers first hand- you will not be disappointed.

A whole new world. Yes, I know you sang it too! Seriously though, this city transforms at night. There is something magical and beautiful about a city at night that is just not conveyed in the daylight and I will never, ever get tired of the lights illuminating the streets especially in a place like Seville. At nighttime, the air is still warm and the crowds have dispersed, it is almost like you have some parts all to yourself. Grab a bite to eat and explore the night life of the city.

Seville at night

Seville at night

If you have read some of my other posts, namely what to do in London, you will be familiar with favourite Ice cream parlour- Amorino. This chain really enjoys amazing its customers with its works of art, also known as gelato. Here, you don’t just get a scoop of gelato – oh no- you get fresh, homemade gelato sculpted into the shape of a flower! Hello Instagram, how are ya? Gelato isn’t the only thing on the menu here, you can get smoothies, frappes and milkshakes as well. All in all, this is 100% a welcome break from a hot day in Spain and in a prime location. Right around the corner from TOC tapas, steps from the Palace and on the main street through the town along with other delicious eateries.

An amazing coffee shop in the centre of Seville

An amazing coffee shop in the centre of Seville

After all is said and done, Seville Remains one of my favourite places I have been too and I cannot wait to go back again. I can promise you, you will love it just as much. This place is my own personal little slice of paradise and the memories that I have made between the cobblestone walls and ornate palaces will be ones that I cherish forever. Until Next time, Ella.

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