Full Day Classic Itinerary for a First Time Visit to Istanbul

By TravelAlba | Apr 6, 2021
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What to do if you have one day to spend in this city? What shouldn't you miss during this day?

In fact one day it is too short time to spend in Istanbul, there are many places to see, many things to do, but in this article we will try to give you ideas about what you should not miss in Istanbul this not just big city but it is also rich one with a lot to see and do in it.

  • 1- Top Kapi Palace and Museum.
  • 2- Hagia Sophia.
  • 3- Blue Mosque or Sulatnahmet Mosque.
  • 4- Dolmabahce palace.
  • 5- Bosphorus cruise.
  • 5- Grand Bazaar.
  • 6- Chora Museum.
  • 7- Spice bazaar or Egyptian.
  • 8- Galata Tower.
  • 9- Basilica cistern Museum.

All the sights mentioned above are the most important to visit, that when you take a picture in one of them, for sure everyone will say " when did you visit Istanbul".

But the main question how to mix your day around to visit the mentioned sights ?

Here is the answer:

Top Kapi palace needs at least 2 hours for visit, Hagia Sophia needs about 1 hour, blue mosque same a bout 1 hour including the hippodrome out side where you can find also the Egyptian obelisk, Dolmabahce palace about 2 hours, the Bosphorus cruise sailing only for 2 hours in regular tours, and for the Grand bazar you will be lost for 2 hours between shops, spice bazaar about 1 hour, Chora museum for 1 and half hour, the basilica cistern for 1 hour maximum and finally the Galata tower including a walking in Istiklal street about 2 hours.

My suggest to your is doing the following because doing all that in one day it will be impossible so you can mix your day:

  • First option: Top Kapi Palace, Hagia Sophia, Blue mosque and spice bazaar, especially all sights near to each other so will not loose time in transportation, and there is many options to have a snack or a decent restaurnt for lunch between the sights.

  • Second option: Bosphorus cruise in the morning ending in Eminonu area then you can go to Dolmabahce palace and finishing the day with Taksim square walking Istiklal street and visiting the Galata tower.

- Third option: Top Kapi palace, Hagia Sophia, Chora museum and grand bazaar with same order.

And for basalica Cistern you can make it any day during visiting Sulatnahmet area.

This is my idea about a beautiful classic full day in Istanbul for first time, of course they are many sights and options to do but depending if your stay time in Istanbul.

Aya Sophia

Aya Sophia

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