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By Passione_Italiana | Jan 18, 2019
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Italy is flanked by a myriad of beaches of all kinds and for .. all tastes, from long sandy or rocky crowded coasts to small paradises away from mass tourism, where you can enjoy the summer in total peace.

If you do not like to share your place in the sun with thousands of bathers it is not difficult to find enchanting corners of paradise where you can relax and live whole days in close contact with nature and its rhythms.

In every coastal region of the beautiful country you can find uncrowded beaches or coves where you can spend fantastic days, provided you give up some comfort, such as soft sunbeds on which to lie down or kiosks where to refresh after a long swim. Surely, these limitations or the possible difficulties to overcome to reach these surreal places are, however, repaid by the experience of being alone or, in any case, not crowded among thousands of people facing the immensity of the sea.

1 - Spiaggia di Remaiolo

Among the secret beaches in Italy, there is surely that of Remaiolo a small corner of paradise lapped by a crystalline sea in the South of the Island of Elba.
The beach of Remaiolo is located in an isolated cove where you can spend days of total relaxation enjoying a surreal quiet.
If the solitude becomes too much, not far from this beach there is a bar and a restaurant where you can quench your thirst and taste excellent dishes based on fish.

2 - Spiaggia di Punta Crena

The beach of Punta Crena near the renowned Varigotti is one of the most beautiful coasts of the western Ligurian Riviera. This small beach, never crowded even during the high season, is protected by steep and jagged cliffs and boasts a transparent sea perfect for snorkelling.

3 - Spiaggia 300 Gradini

The 300-step beach, also known as the Arenuta beach, is located near Gaeta and can be considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Lazio.
This strip of fine sand about 1.5 km long, lapped by a beautiful turquoise sea with shallow waters is protected by rocks on which grows a lush and fragrant Mediterranean scrub.
Keep in mind that the last 200-300 meters of beach towards Gaeta have been a nudist destination for years, so if you do not like this type of practice, it is better to avoid the area.

4 - Spiaggia del Buondormire

If you love uncrowded beaches, the cove of Buon Dormire in Palinuro along the Cilento coast is your ideal destination.
This small strip of land protected and almost overhung by the limestone rocks is characterized by a very fine white sand and a transparent and uncontaminated sea. The Buondormire beach is a perfect place to spend quiet days listening only to the sound of the sea and the wind blowing constantly in this area in the afternoon.

5 - Spiaggia degli Aranci

San Foca is an ancient fishing village in the province of Lecce that boasts a long coastline where alternate sandy areas with rocky stretches.
The beach of the Aranci is the least crowded among the beaches of San Foca and is characterized by high and sandy dunes dotted with aromatic bushes of Mediterranean vegetation. The sea that laps this beach has crystal clear waters and shallow waters perfect for a refreshing walk in the water.

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