"Heaven on Earth" in Eastern Croatia - Bilje, Baranja

By TZOBILJE | Jun 9, 2020
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Bilje destination is situated in Eastern Croatia, serving as the main gate to the famous Baranya. The whole region went through turbulent historical events, therefore a rich multicultural heritage is noticeable up to the present day. Besides having a variety of local meals prepared in specific ways using domestic homemade products from the area, various national costumes combined with folk music and rare instruments, the area is a paradise for nature lovers.

Kopački rit Nature Park

Kopački rit Nature Park

Due to two very important rivers that flow here, the Drava and the Danube, several wild and natural places were created. One of them is the most largest wetland in Central Europe called Kopački rit Nature Park. This type of eco system is very specific and rare, since many wetlands worldwide have been converted to arable land. That is why we are very proud of this preserved wetland. In the following tips we will present certain topics in detail but for now we would like to invite you to come and explore the area, especially if you like to watch birds, take photographs of the nature, hike through the wild forests, explore the numerous aquatic plants, and many other outdoor activities.Come to Baranja, to Bilje and discover this rich biodiversity.

Bilje Croatia Europe Baranja

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Written by TZOBILJE
We are a local tourist board in Eastern Croatia, in Baranja region called Bilje Municipality. The area is rich in natural and cultural heritage and offers many possibilities for tourists. #feel #taste #experience #discover

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