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By candi013 | May 21, 2019
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Hello everyone and welcome! If you want to head to Japan anytime soon or in the future, checking out Kamakura, Japan might be a possible destination for you to check out! Kamakura is in the Kanagawa Prefecture just south of Tokyo Prefecture! When I went to Kamakura, I was overwhelmed with how many places that are to be seen but I have put together some places to check out that hopefully will be of useful tips for you all!

Top 4 Places to Check out in Kamakura

1. Hokokuji Temple

Upon entering here, 700 Yen will get you into the bamboo forest and give you access to a delicious green tea delicacy. Located in the Kamakura Bamboo Garden, it is one of the Zen temples where Moso bamboo grows and if you love matcha or green tea you will be delighted to check out the green tea they serve there where you can sit and drink your green tea while viewing the amazing bamboo forest! It is truly a spectacular scene to see I highly recommend to all!

Kamakura Bamboo Forest/Garden

Kamakura Bamboo Forest/Garden

Kamakura Bamboo Garden Green Tea

Kamakura Bamboo Garden Green Tea

2. Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine

This shrine is located about 5 minutes from the Kamakura station and is the very first shrine I experienced when visiting Kamakura my first time. The very first time I visited here I saw a traditional Japanese wedding and this is one of the most notorious notable sights to see in Kamakura.

3. Zeniarai Benzaiten Ugafuku Shrine

The second time I visited Kamakura, I got to experience this shrine and this was such a unique experience! Here you can experience the sacred water, that is supposedly, one idea is that if you wash your money with this water, your money will increase!

4. Kamakura no Soto Cafe

This is an animal cafe (playful shiba dogs)

Top 4 Food Spots to check out in Kamakura:

1.) Udon Kamakura Miyoshi
2.) Sushi Yamamoto
3.) Roomlax Cafe
4. Kamakura Chacha (鎌倉茶々): This is about a 10 minute walk from Kamakura station and it is one of the finest Matcha leaves from Shizuoka Prefecture. You can choose the matcha level you want from level 1 to 5! Gelato is about 450 Yen or soft ice cream is about 500 yen.

Kamakura Chacha | Matcha Ice Cream/ Gelato

Kamakura Chacha | Matcha Ice cream/ Gelato

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