7 of the Most Exciting Places for Travelling as a Couple in Europe

By Rob_Faulkner | Nov 25, 2020

Are you looking for some of the unique places for travelling as a couple? We've compiled a list that will get you started. Sort out your favorite dream destination from the 7 most exciting places, and let your love life flourish as you explore the world.

Travelling is one of the most amazing duo-activities that connects you to the outside world. You get to explore different places, cultures, and interact with people from different backgrounds.

Whether you're married, dating, or still browsing some of the best dating sites for a perfect match, we've highlighted the 7 most amazing places for travelling with your significant other.

Saint Petersburg, Russia

This is a former Russian capital and one of the best places for travelling as a couple. If you're looking to explore a charming city with rising bridges, friendly and beautiful people, this place will surely capture your heart. The unique architecture with picturesque buildings and bridges are some of the popular attractions in Saint Petersburg.

Hallstatt, Austria

Located in a calm and serene environment surrounded by irresistible nature, Hallstatt is a hidden Austrian village. It's one of the best places for travelling if you enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, canoeing, mountain biking, kayaking, etc.

Paris, France

They call it the city of love for a reason. Paris has the irresistible mood that pulls millions of couples to explore the beautiful cityscape, designer boutiques, and the unique romantic atmosphere it exudes. Paris is one of the best places to go travelling for a month without feeling the pressure to get back home.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is a city of infinite beauty. It's a dreamland for many and has been ranked among the 10 most romantic destinations in Europe and one of the best places for travelling with your loved one. From the exclusive restaurants, eye-catching rooftop bars to the striking architectural wonders; Barcelona is a perfect dream destination.

Rome, Italy

With a strong vibe and a rich history, Rome ranks on our list of the best places for travelling as a couple. Love, beauty, and elegance radiate throughout this eternal city, and you have all the reasons to give it a try.

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is one of Europe's most romantic places for travelling with your loved one. The romantic seafood dinners, the 19th-century Portuguese architecture, and the stunning views of the adjacent waters add a lot to this magic city charm.

Montreux, Switzerland

Located at the shores of the Geneva Lake, this city is a perfect escapade for couples looking to spice up their travelling endeavors. From the great views of the lake and mountains to the ingenious flower decorations on the walkways, Montreux is a must-visit destination. It, therefore, must appear on our list of the best places for travelling with your partner.

Wrapping it up

The above 7 best places for travelling as a couple are not the only amazing places you can visit with your beloved. If you are wondering: what is the best app for travelling to interesting places, you can explore more options here.

So, which one of the above best places for travelling as a couple would you want to visit first? Let us know in the comments.

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Written by Robert Faulkner
Robert Andrew Faulkner is a family and child psychologist. He has been working with couples from all over the UK and wants to share his experience with you. Robert's hobbies are reading psychology books, football, and traveling around the world. He visited more than 15 countries. One of Robert's biggest dreams is to climb Mount Everest and photograph the dawn. More info about Robert and his thoughts you can find out on one of his dating sites.

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