7 reasons to book a luxury Villa in Tuscany

By italyperte | Mar 21, 2019
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7 Reasons to book a luxury Villa in Tuscany for your next holiday in Italy

Do you know why holiday villa rentals are so successful in Tuscany? Because we need few reasons to persuade everyone about the benefits to rent a wonderful villa in our land full of charm, history, archaeological sites, good food, natural areas and unique beaches.

1. Privacy is the ultimate luxury

To rent a villa instead of a hotel gives you the possibility to enjoy privacy and space to relax with your friends or family. Experience the exclusivity of a private pool, where your level of quietness and peace could be interrupted only by your children, jumping in the water without disturbing other guests.
Rather than the crowds of a resort, appreciate the comfort of home, heightened by all the indulgences of a luxury villa.
You will enjoy in autonomy and independence, but with all the assistance you need. Private drivers, cleaning staff, baby sitter and a personal chef could be at your service. Your private villa but with the amenities of a hotel.
Feel comfortable in the absolute privacy your villa will grant you: this is your holiday and you can do whatever you like!

Villa Morena - Porto S. Stefano

Villa Morena - Porto S. Stefano

2. Your own private pool, garden, spectacular views and sunsets

Imagine yourself, indulging your senses in a stylish villa, in Maremma. You are sitting on a lounge chair, next to your swimming pool and with a glass of good wine in your hand.
You face the sunset, with a spectacular view of the seacoast. Opposite side, green hills filled with vineyards, olive groves and fruit trees. Welcome in Tuscany!

Villa Oleandra - Argentario

Villa Oleandra - Argentario

3. Feel like a local and experience Italian life

It has no price feeling the freeness to spend your luxury holiday as you prefer. In your villa nobody can submit you to rules or time limits for breakfast and dinner. You can live to your own schedule, but you could also let yourself be seduced by Italian habits and experience our lifestyle. Forget guides and touristic sites and socialize with people: they will tell you the best local places to visit and why you should go there. So take your car or let you drive on the less travelled road: only by doing this you truly experience the “Italian way of life”.

Villa Matilde - Punta Ala

Villa Matilde - Punta Ala

4. Fall in love with Italian food

You have rented your own villa and you can experience local life. Get up in the morning and walk to the nearest bar for the first coffee of the day, discovering how friendly Tuscan people can be. Explore the local markets, choose the fresh, high-quality ingredients that are matching you tastes, come home and cook your own authentic regional meal. This is probably the biggest and most easily “Italian” lesson: spend time making your meals and you will discover that it is an easy thing because our recipes are simple. Enjoy sitting around a table, with all people you love, tasting good food, talking and laughing after some glasses of good wine.

Before dinner, don’t forget the prelude: Aperitivo in Italy is a must!

Villa Fiorella - Porto Ercole

Villa Fiorella - Porto Ercole

5. Enjoy big spaces

A holiday villa has a lot more space than other accommodations.
It will typically have several bedrooms, living space and a fully equipped kitchen. Outside patios, balconies, gardens: big spaces to share with your friends and your family but with the possibility to have your own corner of lonely peace, if you need it.
Holidays are always better when you can stay together and they become perfect where individual space is no issue.

Villa Emma - Punta Ala

Villa Emma - Punta Ala

6. Less expensive than you expected

If I ask lot of people: “why you don’t rent a luxury villa in Tuscany for your next holiday?” I’m sure most of them would answer “because is too expensive”.
Well, this is not always true. Wonderful villas, infinity pools and private paths to the beach aren’t as out of reach as you might think and actually you could discover they are less expensive than a resort.
How is it possible?
The simplest way to make luxury affordable is to split the bill. Our villas, for instance, have at least 4/5 bedrooms with consequent place for 8/10 people. If you divide the rental fee for all those people you will discover that medium price is about € 110,- a night for each person. Try to compare it with hotel or resort prices and you will realize that, with these prices, a villa could be a valid alternative for your next holiday.

Villa Sofia - Punta Ala

Villa Sofia - Punta Ala

7. Slow down

Italians are known for their relaxed approach to life, an attitude of making life as sweet and enjoyable as possible.
Take your sweet time and learn the meaning of slowing down: time to enjoy friends, to have an infinite discussion around a table about the best food or the best wine.
Go out after dinner for a “passeggiata”: walk slowly, find a piazza and an ice cream shop, have a love affair with your gelato and do some people-watching.

Discover the deepest secret of our country: la dolce vita

Villa Tina - Argentario

Villa Tina - Argentario

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