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By NinaZee | Jan 14, 2020
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Are you looking for day trips around the Netherlands? Do you like cheese? Then Gouda might be the place for you.

This is a great side trip from Amsterdam. By train, it is less than an hour and there are several that go there an hour. From the Hague, it takes less than 20 minutes by train.

When you arrive there, just head to the main square which only takes about 5 minutes to get there. Go to Gouds Kaashuis (located in the main square at Hoogstraat 1) where they provide samples of Gouda cheese. There are dozens to choose from here. If you want to, you can purchase it and take some home with you. They have it sealed, and it doesn’t have to be refrigerated immediately.

Gouds Kaashuis

Gouds Kaashuis

Make sure you wander around this lovely little town while you are here.

Het Stadhuis van Gouda (Markt 1), otherwise known as City Hall, is a stunning building, with red shutters. one of the oldest Gothic city halls in the Netherlands.

VTML Tip: Make sure you check out the puppet show on the right-hand side. It occurs 2 minutes after the top and half hour.

Gouda's City Hall with Goudse Waag pictured in the background

Gouda's City Hall with Goudse Waag pictured in the background

Goudse Waag (Markt 35), was originally used for weighing various products, including cheese. It now houses the Cheese and Crafts Museum.

Inside Goudse Waag

Inside Goudse Waag

Make sure to check out the following places:

Red Lion Windmill: See a working windmill.

Sint-Janskerk (Achter de Kerk 16): The longest church in the Netherlands with 72 stained-glass windows.

Naaierstraat: A beautiful street to walk down that has several historic Dutch buildings.

Walk along the canals: There are beautiful houses, churches and views along here. It is also extremely relaxing.

Sluiswachtershuisje: Check out the lock keeper's house on the canal. It has a pillory which is a fun place to take silly photos.

Banana Warehouse: A beautiful house on the canal house. It was built in the 1881 and converted into a banana warehouse in 1928 by the West Indies Banana trade. Check out the bananas above the front door.

Parochie Van de H. Johannes De Doper: My personal favorite church in Gouda and in the Netherlands.

Should you be here during the summer, you can check out the traditional cheese market that the city hosts. It would be fun to see cheese bought and sold the old-fashioned way in the Markt square.

Places to Eat:

If you are looking for something beyond cheese to eat, here are some other places I can recommend:

Bagels & Beans (Agnietenstraat 2): While we didn’t eat at this location, we did eat at several other ones, so I do recommend it. They have a gluten free bagel that is prepackaged. When you place your order, they take it out and make it for you. If you don’t eat gluten free, fear not, most of their items contain gluten.

David’s Gelato (Lange Tiendeweg 23): Don’t let the address fool you, it is in the market square area.

Zalm (Markt 34): Even though it was a bit damp outside and chilly, one of the big draws if this restaurant is the view of the historic market square. We had a snack here. My husband got a caser salad and a beer, and I got chocolate mousse.

Zalm located in Gouda's Markt square

Zalm located in Gouda's Markt square

And the market square had many cute little restaurants like this one. So, if they don’t have something you are interested in eating, check out the other ones.

The other thing that Gouda is known for is siroopwaffels. Go to Kamphuisen Siroopwaffels (Markt 69): Book a tour to see how they make these syrup waffles that they have been making here since 1810. At the end, you get to eat one.

So, whether you are coming to eat cheese, or wander around this beautiful little city, Gouda is a great day trip from Amsterdam or any of the other cities in the Netherlands.

I hope you enjoyed the short View Thru My Lenz.

Nina Zee

© 2020 Nina Zee

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