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By smileytraveller | Oct 16, 2020
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India offers a lot to its Tourists for both nomads, as well as professionals visiting the peninsula. India has numerous things to enjoy, be it an evening at a nightclub or a relaxing sunset at the beach.

As rightly said, days and months are not enough to explore every nook and corner of India in detail.
Every country has a lot of places to visit. Their culture, delicious foods, as well as friendly locals, are always ready to make you awe with their hospitality.
However, every place has a lot of do's and don't that might make the locals slight offensive or can lend a foreigner in trouble.

Below are some of the point that has to be taken care of when in India.

Respect All Religions

India is a secular country, and all religions are respected here, so if you are visiting with hatred/racism in mind about any specific religion, we suggest you dump those feelings at your home Airport.

Make Sure You Dress Decent

People are very emotional about the religion they follow.
If you have any specific perception or views about their religion that can make them angry, it is better not to discuss that.
While visiting any religious place, Clothing has to be taken care of utmost importance, decently covered clothes are encouraged.
All religious places have a condition to keep footwear outside the premises.
Every state has a different tradition, and people are so hospitable that they will blend with you.
If you are trying their apparel, make sure you respect the culture and don't offend them by making fun of those attires.

Mostly Restaurants Will Serve Vegetarian Food Items

Mostly budget-friendly restaurants are vegetarian, specifically in Northern India, where the percentage of Vegetarians or Vegans is higher as compared to meat-eaters.
Also, Food is mostly spicy, so if you are not fond of it, inform them prior and try less spicy dishes.

Inquire For Beef And Pork Before Ordering

Hindus don't eat beef while Muslims don't eat pork, so if you love eating any of these dishes, do check on the online platform where these items are available.
If you are directly asking the small restaurant owners, you will just upset them.

We Have Gluten-free Food But Ask For It

Indian's are less affected by allergies, so if you are Gluten or Lactose intolerant, choose your dining options wisely and inform the restaurant staff about it, they will make sure to curate the best meals for you.

No Affection In Public

People here are quite shy to show affection in public, so if you are on a trip with your boyfriend, try not to show overwhelming love towards him in public.

Climate Gears

This Tropical Country has very different seasons in all parts at the same time, Eg. the northern parts of India are mostly cold throughout the year, central and western areas are moderate temperatures while southern states are hot and humid.

If you are looking to visit multiple parts of the country, be fully geared up with body lotions, sunscreens, and apparel accordingly.
If not able to bring it?

Not to worry, we have everything readily available here.

Local Items Have Better Deals

When returning to your country, it is always great to carry some souvenirs along with a bundle of memories.
A lot of markets in India offer varieties of items that can be purchased if you can try to bargain to get better deals as locals shops don't have coupon code.

Digital Payments Are Making A Boom, Still, Keep Some Hard Cash

India has got a lot of digital payment portals, and a majority of places accept card payments, still recommended carrying some local currency with you.

Traffic Will Bluff Map

Most of the cities are always jam-packed with traffic, so in case you have a flight to catch. Do not just rely on a smartphone map, instead check with your Hotel or Guide about the exact time required to reach the Airport to avoid any problem.

Beware Of Scams

People in all parts of the world are Amazing, and this goes to India as well but, even we have a small population of people who make money by all the unsocial means like, cheating people which has resulted in people losing faith in good people as well.
Try not to fall in the trap of people who either are over trying to convince you to purchase any product or is offering the least rates, because you will only compromise with quality.
For E.g Outside any historical monument, you'll find a lot of people offering to be a Guide at a very minimalistic charge, and in return, they will only tell you a built-up story and not the real one of the place.

Enjoy Public Transports

Public transport (Railways Specifically) is one of the best ways to travel in India. Some of the journeys, like the coastal journey of Karnataka-Maharashtra, or the toy train excursions of Himachal, are the must-try, so do to visit at least one destination by rail in India.

But when you are traveling, make sure to inform the ticket collector about your destination so he may ask other locals to assist you, to avoid the last-minute hustle of deboarding.

Learn To Do Namaste

People love when they see someone folding hands and doing Namaste to them, the people will always greet you back in return with a smile.

The above points are not to scare you from visiting, but they are shared to make sure that when you are in India, you enjoy the best of experience and go back with loads of good memories to cherish.

Also, the above points apply to some other subcontinent countries like Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Myanmar.
Some of the other variations will be there, but in the majority, the sub-continent goes hand in hand.
Our motive towards all is Atithi Devo bhava translates to guest is god, and hospitality is in our genetics.
We welcome you with folded hands, relax, and Enjoy this vibrant country and become ours.

Thank you

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