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    Nov 25, 2020• by nerdyglobetrotters

    Summers in Benagil Caves to Escape “You Know Who”

    We “planned” to travel a lot in 2020 but, as you all are well aware, sometimes things don't work out as planned. It's been a crazy year with a lot of our flight tickets cancelled. Still, we were...

    Nov 19, 2020• by TourWithAsh

    The Scenario of Tourism Before, During and After Covid-19 (part 1/3)

    It is said that tourism industry was the first industry to be affected by coronavirus and it'll be a last one to recover. Covid has given a big shock to the industry and the current period is...

    Nov 17, 2020• by cait_kontalis

    4 Thoughts on Safe Flying During COVID-19

    I Fly –A Lot– During The Pandemic I have flow quite a lot during the pandemic. Let's just say, more than ten times. Now before you go all “yOu aRe tHe pRoBlEm” I want to re-iterate there are...

    Oct 15, 2020• by Travelindiasafe

    Travel India, Travel Safe

    Hello friends, As you now that the world is now in grip of this new pandemic called COVID 19. Hence, there are changes to the ways the world used to travel Pre-Covid times. These changes are must...

    Oct 11, 2020• by AnnaLowthian

    Camping at The Great Wall of China During the Pandemic!

    During the October National Week, I decided to escape Beijing and go camping at the great wall! I found a group on WeChat which offer tours to foreigners in China. So I booked on the camping...

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