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Jul 31, 2020• by getoutandbout

Eat Out to Help Out

Eat out to help out out! What is it and what’s it all about? How does it work? Who is involved? Well….read on to find out everything you need to know! 😀 The UK government has launched...

Jul 14, 2020• by Women_Travel_Groups

How You Can Have the Best Trip with the “New Normal”?

Stepping outside the house is going to be weird and difficult during the unlock period set by the government in different places. For this to not overwhelm you, know about the “New Normal”...

Jul 4, 2020• by Sofia

Holiday Packing List in COVID Times

Travelling has changed drastically and it is critical to have in mind how a packing list should be in pandemic times. While Europe is resuming traveling, it is mandatory to travel with items that...

Jun 30, 2020• by Lauratravelbug

Travel Light and Local (Michigan the Great Lake State)

The current pandemic has changed how we approach travel in so many ways. Is it safe to board a plane? Or a cruise ship? Are there remote places to visit that are lower risk? Is it safe to book a...

Jun 19, 2020• by Women_Travel_Groups

Women Leaders Show the World how To Fight Coronavirus

When on one side, leading economies of the world are fighting to keep the spread of Coronavirus in check, it’s seen how women leaders are taking control of the helm and running their country’s...

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