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Jun 5, 2020• by triptipedia

Coronavirus Information and Resources

With the current outbreak of COVID-19, many restrictions have been put in place. Please keep yourself informed before taking any travel-related decision. If you are currently abroad, check with your...

Jun 1, 2020• by undeavors

Los Cabos is Opening to Tourism in June - Everything You Need to Know

Learn all you need to know about traveling to Cabo post Coronavirus Top 5 Concerns Answered Regarding Traveling to Cabo following Quarantine Ready to set off to paradise? Parts of Mexico will...

May 29, 2020• by Lauratravelbug

Outside = Open (Learn to Travel Local) Muskegon and West Michigan

Travel, road trips, and vacation planning have all taken a detour from our usual route. As May pushes into June and almost three months of the COVID Stay Home/Stay Safe order in Michigan, the travel...

May 27, 2020• by rmobenchain

Be a Friendly Traveler in the Aftermath of COVID19

I am interrupting my important series of blogs because one, I got sick of writing about the places that I really wanted to go but couldn’t, and two, there are so many other things on my mind...

May 24, 2020• by gorillawalkings1

Africa’s Mountain Gorillas at Risk of the Coronavirus

Coronavirus in Gorillas is a very big risk:Uganda has the world’s remaining mountain gorillas in the whole world along the other 4 countries in Africa to make about 1065 gorillas according to...

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    Coronavirus Information & Resources