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    Feb 17, 2021• by BecandPip

    Roses and Occasional Soggy Dogs

    This week Dear Reader, Dude has not been living his best life. As regular readers know Dude is my dog. He is also known as 'Oh for fuck sake'' 'stop doing that you idiot' 'nob' and various other...

    Feb 13, 2021• by BecandPip

    Travels with Dude and Other Animals

    Yes, Dear Reader, I have emerged from underneath heavy furniture and am back typing furiously whilst contemplating the last few weeks. And what an incredibly odd introduction to 2021 we are all...

    Dec 12, 2020• by BecandPip

    Snow Dog

    Our walking antics are being severely tested at the moment with the range of restrictions across the United Kingdom, so this week I decided to chronicle the walk I do everyday with my badly behaved...

    Dec 3, 2020• by BecandPip

    Picnics with My Dog

    Here in Englandville under the benevolent bullying of BoJo, we have been enjoying lockdown Mark 2 for the last month - not quite as ferocious as lockdown Mark 1 but confining...

    Sep 30, 2020• by ExploreNextDoor

    Bored of Sydney? Come On Down to Wollongong

    Wollongong is one of those towns that many Sydneysiders know of, but haven't spent long in. What a shame! Wollongong has a lot going for it — beautiful coastlines, scenic mountains, a fast-growing...

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